Saturday, September 08, 2012

Prayers for Mom ML

Baby Cat was scared Tuesday and bit Mom ML of the CB.  She has 8 puncture wounds in her hand / arm, all turning black from bruising.  She has had chills and fever and is on antibiotics.  She'll go back to the doctor on Monday. 

Meanwhile, she is not angry with Baby Cat, and we are not making light of the situation in our graphic. We just wanted to make her smile. (And we cleared it with Mom ML before posting.)  Feel free to use it on your blog, if you'd like. 

We hope she feels better and her wounds heal quickly.

We love you, Mom ML.  

And we love Ann of Zoolatry too.  We posted on Ann earlier today.  Scroll down or click the link for Ann of Zoolatry's graphic.


  1. Good heavens! Poor ML! We just saw your post re: Ann and have the graphic on our Purrs Page.

    Is it just our perception, or do a heck of a lot of humans and non-humans need purrs right now? Maybe it's just because there are so many more around the CB now?

  2. Thank you so much, Jan, I love the graphic.
    Everyone needs to remember, this is very serious. Infections from a cat bite can go into the bone or the blood stream (or both).
    I had a red streak up my arm until yesterday, so we are being very careful.
    The best treatment yet is one Auntie Deb suggested, making a simple paste of baking soda and water and leaving it on the area. It draws all the poison out.
    Thank you so much for the graphic.

  3. OMC, that's awful for ML. I know she loves Baby Cat, and that's not the issue. I do hope ML is on heavy-duty aunty-biotics to get all this under control. I've been bitten only once, but it took lots of strong meds to get rid of infection and all that. My prayers are already flowing for Ann and Vic (have been for quite a while), and I'll add ML to my prayer list right now.

    Get well, ML!!!

    Love, Marilynn & Grace & Company

  4. Oh my, she needs some steel gloves or something.

  5. Gosh, we are sending (((hugs))), love and prayers to Mom ML too! First Mom Ann and now Mom ML ... too many bad things happening :(
    Sabrina, Sam, Simon and Momma Jan

  6. Poor ML - we know she is taking care of herself and we are sending her purrs. And mom had to smile - having been "nailed" several times herself, you take the bite seriously but have to look at the experience as something that happens.

  7. I am sending a lot of purrs ML's way - she is right, cat bites MUST get taken care of right away. They can really do a number on a human when not treated. Thankfully, ML knows this and is getting the proper care.

  8. Jan you are such a darling friend to all of us...thank you for the kindness you show when some of us are ill. baby Cat sure can punch it out little stinker. Poor sweet ML needs some welders gloves!
    We are constantly thinking about Ann, Vic, ML and auntie Deb at the cozy cottage.
    Thank you for the beautiful graphics you are making....sending sweet love to all the funny farmers

  9. OH dear Poor ML!
    I know all too well how serious a cat bite is. Mine landed me in the ER. I will keep ML in my prayers.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  10. Oh no poor ML and Ann we will be purring for them both.

  11. oh, gosh-all-fishhooks!!!! we din't realize miss ML was poorly, too--mommer is lightin' a candle (electric counts, don't it?) an' we are most certinly purrrrrrrrrrrin' really, really hard fur her!!!!

  12. No Noes! Cat bites are bad...Teri said whenever they get bitten at work, the vet makes them go right to the doctors for antibiotics and never to wait! Teri even traveled with antibiotics just in case when she was showing cats and even to BlogPaws...No kidding. We hope ML will get better fast and not have to go on IV's...

  13. Wes is purraying hard for both of them! Infections is awful, both in our mouths and from Cat mouths, We is purraying hard for ML and Amm (and Poppy Vic)
    Nellie (and family)

  14. Oh no! Mommy never punishes us fur biting either. She says it's in our nature to protect ourselves. We're sending big purrs and purrayers to both of these CB furriends! Get well soon!

  15. We are so sorry ML. We know that Baby Cat didn't do it on purpose, she was just scared of what was going on. Hope you are healing up fast ML. Take care.

  16. Oh NOES! Get better soon ML! We kittehs can sometimes make messy bitey marks on you humans (we's sorrrryyyy....)

  17. Katies Katz Gang am purring healing purayers for ML. The Mom know how a cat kin gets upset and bite. Baby Cat am in our purrz too. We purr dat BC becomes a calmer kitty.

    Our Boo Bear bit Mom auful bads once, but him meant to fight a kitty outside. Mom yelled awful loud and Boo Bear knew him hurted Mom and never dun it agin... But him was awful sick once and bit da lady taking hims tempurature... Next time Boo Bear went fur checkups, Mom held him and him was good then.


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