Friday, August 05, 2011

Still in Bora Bora

As you already know, we're in Bora Bora with other blogging furries at Gracie's invitation. If you haven't met Gracie yet or haven't arrived at the party yet, click here. If you are having trouble arranging transportation, let us know. We might be able to help. The party will run through the weekend, at least. And all are welcome - as long as you aren't human.

One or more of us at a time have occasionally been able to attend an event hosted by Sassy, and then Sassy's sister Grace because of the talent and kindness of their human, and occasionally Karl, Momo, or Asta's.  At her advanced age of 456 years (or more), Jan has been trying to learn to make graphics so she can sell designs on merchandise.  Part of learning is to practice, practice, practice, so after we were packed and ready a bit early (for once!), Jan decided to try to help other furries get to Bora Bora. 

Miss Asta's family was out of town and her mom, who has helped us in the past, wouldn't have time to prepare.  So Asta was Jan's first victim ... um, Jan's first subject.  And since Asta is very fashionable, we helped her pack her bags.

The hardest part of helping Derry and Nicki of Fuzzy Tales was telling them apart.  It was hard picking out a photo of each but we got it right.

We started out on Marg's Pets with 3 or 4 kitties and Joe the donkey, but after Jan finished, we asked the names.  Marg replied, Mewmew, Little Bit, Mewmew -- We asked Marg if she has 2 cats with the same name?  Turned out, Marg sent a fluffy, long-hair photo of Mewmew and we picked out a short-hair cat from her blog.  Oops, same cat, different seasons.  Back to the drawing board.

And all the furries are glad Joe decided to go to keep an eye on the cats.  He's been giving donkey rides, but he's had a few mai tais, so ride at your own risk.  :)

And then we just had to help Charlie from Ten Lives & Second Chances.  He wished really hard and we heard him.  (Us, not Jan.  She's oblivious.)  He's having a ball with Fenris, Scylla, Artemesia & Socks.

Gizmo is a kitten, new to blogging, and this trip is an opportunity for him to meet new friends. He's really sweet, so we hope if you haven't already met him, you'll drop by his hut and say hello.  He blogs at A Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice.

KC and the Sherwood Bunch just have to be at Gracie's party!  KC runs the Cat Blogosphere and knows all the kitties, not to mention a number of woofies.  But Mom ML has an infected wound on one hand and they needed help with transportation.  Mom ML has done a lot for us.  It was nice to be able to do something for her for a change.

We were sad when we read Clooney's post yesterday. He waited and waited but he missed the boat and he was going to have to stay home. It broke our hearts our friend was left behind.

Late last night we begged Jan to help him. Half asleep (can't you tell!) she helped us rescue Cloon and his sister Neytiri in Canada.  Jan claims had she actually been awake at the time, she would have done it a bit differently, but at least she did sort of help us.  Cloon's Breaking News post today is funny.  A must read.  :)

However, this morning Jan bawled us out for standing on the roof of the boat when the picture was taken, instead of on the deck. And Sam wasn't wearing his hat to protect him from sunburn. Seriously. 

Hey, Jan, wake up! You put us there!  You forgot Sam's hat.  Oh, never mind.  She hasn't had her coffee yet.

The reason we're posting these photos is to thank Gracie for all the times she's helped us to participate in blogging events, as well as to thank all of the bloggers in this post for allowing us to serve them in a small way.  Believe us when we say Jan got to practice, practice, practice making graphics, so she's happy, and one way or another we all got to Bora Bora, where we're having fun. 

Now, if you'll excuse us, there's a volleyball tournament going on and the winning team gets a free buffet meal.  Sam is hoping his team will win.  He likes to eat.


On a sad note, Amber DaWeenie's brother Tucker lost his battle with lung cancer on Tuesday. He was deeply loved and is greatly missed.  Purrs and wags to his family.


  1. Maybe we'll all just take over Bora Bora! I was very sad to hear about sweet Tucker.

  2. I sailed over in my ship and mom didn't know how (still doesn't!!) to make me visible!!!

  3. This bora bora trip looks like a blast!! We like the boat pic! :D

  4. Awwwww Jan is just truly amazing and so talented and so so so so creative!! Look at all these wonderful furriends who were able to have a great time on Bora Bora thanks to all her stirling efforts! Yay for Jan!! Charlie is truly happy and sends Jan lots of purrs and purr-meows too! Hooorah!!
    He had such a great time he didn't want to return! LOL!!!

    p.s. we are so sad to hear about Tucker! :-(

    Take care

  5. Bora Bora looks like a blast! Wish me could be dere. Butt...we is havin' a memorial for Tucker dis weekend.

    Note from Mom: Thank you for remembering Tucker and for all your kind words.

  6. It's great Jan got lots of practice with her graphics.
    She sure helped alot to get more kitties to Bora Bora.


  7. I'm having a great time with you all in Bora Bora I didn't mind that Sam sprayed sand in my face, I was just excited to have more fur friends to play with. Sometimes it gets a bit lonely at home, but mum is trying to find me a friend who needs rescuing just like I did, but she says it's not really kitten season in Australia at the moment. It's been great meeting some new friends in Bora Bora though.

  8. Wow! What adventures you have!

    Thank you for your thoughts. I appear very healthy and happy so it's hard to believe that I have a serious heart condition.


  9. Been a busy weekend so far teleporting back and forth from Bora Bora, but having a great time!

    So sorry to hear the news about Tucker :(.


  10. I have to thank all of you at JFF , especially Jan, who is obviously well caught up on hew photoshoppy knowledge
    If it wewen't fow you, I and so many of ouw fwiends would have had to miss this wondewful twip
    THANK YOU so vewy much!!!
    I hope we will have many many mowe wondewful times togethew
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess I am so vewy sowwy about little Tuckew

  11. Wow! really you had a vacation in bora? how nice it was! I wish I will go there too to have relax. :) keep safe!

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