Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sparky and Whisker Hump Wed

Graphic courtesy of KC & ML of the Cat Blogosphere

On August 1st we posted on Sparky, Crikit and Ginger's brother. His human was unable to leave messages on blogs but for some unknown reason their comment worked on ours and we posted a request for prayers on our blog, Facebook and the Cat Blogosphere. And then we waited, hoping whatever was wrong would work out.

Unfortunately, when the human was finally able to get a post up yesterday, we learned Sparky had passed away. You can read Sparky's story and leave a message for the grieving family on Barking Loud blog.

Hug each other and your pets today.

We're sorry. We tried hard to come up with a photo for Whisker Hump Wednesday, which begins today as a tribute to Kismet the cat who passed away recently, but we couldn't.  Like we commented on the CB yesterday, if we couldn't find one, it would be all Jan's fault for not taking proper photos.  We couldn't even come up with a proper photo of Rusty's whisker humps - and Rusty is a h-u-g-e mancat with nice long whiskers.  Can we fire Jan and hire a new photographer?.


  1. We don't have a photo either--largely because we don't have any good whisker humps.

  2. Sorry to hear about your woofy friend :[ And there are enough whisker humps out today, so dont worry... just be ready next time ;] hehe purrs

  3. We are so sorry to hear that Sparky and Kismet have crossed the Bridge. I'm sure Tucker and Reno were there waiting for them.

  4. We were so sad to hear about Sparky. We visited his family earlier today to let them know we are thinking of them during this time.

    Good luck to Jan in getting some good whisker hump pictures. She really loves you all, so please don't fire her, okay?

  5. My Mommeh had to look through a lot of photos to find any good whisker hump photos!

  6. That was sad about Sparky.

    I actually didn't get what Whisker Hump was all about until I saw some postings today. Oh well, always every Wednesday.

  7. That's very sad about Sparky :('

    Hmmmm not sure about whisker hump. My hoowoman is never at the right place at the right time! I try to set it up, but she doesn't get the hint. Am planning a trade in! >^,.^<

  8. We are sorry to hear that Sparky went to the Bridge. We purr for his family as we know how sad they must be.

    Don't worry about the lack of whisker humps. We think that your caring about it would please Kismet!! You could just pee on something instead!! heehee Kismet would totally love that ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  9. Awwww, we sorry for Sparky. And hey, we didn't have whiskers for the day either.
    It all gonna be okay.


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