Friday, August 19, 2011

JFF on Mousebreath and Squidoo

We would like to thank our old friend Skeezix for typing The Funny Farmers Offer Retail Therapy with his own paws for today's Mousebreath.

We were so nervous at the ribbon cutting ceremony, we didn't even notice who was there.  But we figure he had to be cause he knows all about how we all wanted to participate in the ribbon cutting.  And believe us, it took real teamwork to keep the peace among the owners of the 8 paws involved. 

If you can remember back a few years, Skeezix was the one who nicknamed us as the Funny Farmers. Ah, the independence of having our own name.

We spent the entire afternoon working on a Squidoo lens for our blog.  And it was work!  We seem to have as much trouble figuring out how to do things as Jan does.  Why couldn't we live with a rich human with a young, uncluttered mind?

**Merci** Oh, right, Cotton, then we would never have met Jan.

If you'd like to see what little we accomplished today, you can visit us on Cat & Dog Tales from the Funny Farmers.

We were asked to pass a message on to all our friends who said a prayer for Sparky's family, whether or not you left a comment on their blog. Just as a reminder, earlier this month a comment was left on our blog asking for prayers for Sparky, and the other day there was a post on their blog explaining what happened and that Sparky had passed away, possibly from a blood clot after an injury.

Please extend our sincerely appreciation for all the kindness and caring your friends extended us.
It has helped our hearts
Barking loud furs mommy Marsha


  1. Awwww yay for Jan!!! You're squidoo page is just lovely!

    Big extra hugs to angel Sparky's family! Take care

  2. We did visit Sparky's page the other day. It was a terrible unexpected loss and those are the hardest ones to accept.

  3. I don't know what a Squidoo is fur sure, but yea!!!

  4. I had to google squidoo. Found it in wiki, but am still none the wiser! But I went to have a look and The page is impressive. So well done FunnyFarmers :)

  5. Your Squidoo page is fantastic. But I have a question. Why did you do a Squidoo lens?? There are a lot of people that do that. I did one once. But it is really nice. Hope you have a great week end.

  6. Hmmm, you shouldn't complain, my Furry Furiends. My Human does not even know what Squidoo is, and what's worse is she doesn't even WANT to know! She says I am lucky she even leanred how to blog at all so I better keep my trap shut. I don't think that's verreh nice, do you?

    Purrs for Sparky's family.

  7. Your Squidoo page looks great! You all know so much more than the mom here. She was thinking this was a small swim suit that the European mean like to wear. This kind of looks like a FB to me but it isn't. I need to hang out with you so I could maybe educate the mom here a little more.
    So sad to hear that Sparky had gone to the bridge.

  8. Concats on the Squidoo page! That's so sad about Sparky.

    Our daddy's back is still hurting a lot. It's now diagnosed as a crushed disk. :( Thanks for asking! He'll eventually need surgery, but the doctor doesn't want to do surgery right now.


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