Thursday, August 18, 2011

Percy, on Spike, Visa and Frontline

Hey, Percy here. We Funny Farmers have been very busy trying to learn to juggle and, like Jan, we're not very good at it, so if our posts are short, erratic or invisible, please forgive us.

We will be reopening jansfunnyfarm fair soon. Meanwhile, we hope you will visit our new blog, jff designs. Yesterday we posted the story of Rescue Pets Rock design.  It's a place to showcase our designs from our store, but not a sales blog. Our designs are unique and we're trying to spread the word inside and outside the entire blogosphere. We appreciate any and all help to do this.

I was a tiny kitten when Merci found and rescued me, so I asked if I could introduce today's video of two-year old Spike the pit bull and 2-month old Visa the kitten. Merci and I used to play like this, but we don't remember breaking any plates and cups, which evidently they did during filming. (Not seen in the video.)

I love the last line of their description, "And remember, pit bulls are not dangerous; people with video cameras are.  It made me smile.  They must be referring to Jan about the video camera. (Remember the goose convention?)

If the video doesn't play, click here.

On Tuesday, we posted a warning on counterfeit Frontline. It was updated today and the update is enough to tick off those who use Frontline. There is now a controversy over whether the counterfeit frontline refers to repackaged frontline product or if it was all a scam to send consumers rushing to their vet to buy from them so the sales reps can get their commission. You can read the details here.


  1. Those games the companies play with our lives are no fun. But that video was fun!

  2. What a cute video it reminded us of Arty and Fenris although they aren't as active. So far they haven't broken anything.

    (sigh) we aren't even going to comment on the Frontline stuff cause that just makes us hissy.

  3. Once again thank you guys so much for keeping me informed on whats happening in and around the world of furries. It makes me so angry - that people are so greedy as to play such mean games to manipulate other people.


  4. Great video! Gave me the heebies for the kitten!

    BTW It is illegal to own a pit bull in the UK. Mainly because the kind of people that owned them were brain dead, violent chavs who used them as weapons. Consequently the dogs became unpredictable and a few would attack and sometimes kill children for no reason!

  5. Oh my goodness!! Me and Charlie had to look away when beautiful Spike had Visa's sweet head in his mouth! LOL!!! Awwwwwww but Visa gave as good as he got! Yay!!!!! Awwww bestest buds!!!! Lovely!! We think our favourite is at 1.21!!! LOL! Take care

  6. We love the video!

  7. Such a cute video...thank you for posting it.

  8. Wow, counterfeit frontline? Off to read that! You are one cute kitty, Perci!

  9. OMC! That was a sweet video, but I was skeered watchin' it!

  10. What a great video! Thanks for sharing :)

    Waggin at ya,

  11. We dont use Frontline, but it is good ta know about the tricks some Beins try to play on others!

  12. HA - we LOVE that video!


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