Monday, August 22, 2011

Miss Peach and Beignet

We knew this was coming but it was still a shock to read the news on the CB that the vet was on his way to help Miss Peach to the bridge. She's been growing weaker, but still eating and drinking water and getting lots of cuddle time from those she loved.

We needed to do something so we made this graphic. You're welcome to use it if you'd like. We found this lovely photo of her that was posted in 2008.

Miss Peach didn't start blogging until she was 15 years old and when we met her she was very sick. Her family thought they'd lose her then, but she pulled through and spent the next few years ruling her home as an "eccentric."  She slept in a frying pan, in a litter box, in a drawer -  As cats are prone to do, she moved from favorite spot to favorite spot and always received soft, warm bedding to make her comfortable.

This graphic is by KC of the Cat Blogosphere.

She was greatly loved by her family and all her blogging friends.  She's been blogging since April 2007 and we will miss her.  Our condolences to mom Karla, Lapdaddy, best buddy Cole, and the feline Miss HoneyBunny

Farewell, Miss Peach. It has been a pleasure to know such a sweet Victorian Devon Rex kitty.

We're also sad for Mom Paula of Sweet Purrfections because Beignet will not get to come home with Truffle in a few weeks.Beignet is sick and will need special care for the rest of his life.

At least the other bad news of the night had a good ending. BeauBeau was missing but he's home now - and grounded. Whew. We were worried about him.


  1. We were so sad to read about all that happened today. Of course, we are thrilled that Beau came back home, but are so sad about Miss Peach and Beignet.

    Purrs and hugs,

    Cody and Gracie

  2. This has been another one of those horrible days. The last one was in August too but at least the bright spot was Beau Beau coming home-

  3. It is so very so very young and one nit so young.we still hold great hope for Beignet, but we can understand the heartbreak of Paula. But Miss Peach was just an icon, and we had hope she had a bit more time. Our hearts ache for Karla and LapDaddy although they knew best. She was so dearly loved

  4. We were so sad ta read about Misses Peach this evening even though we knew it was coming. We are sad about Beignet too, but it was a real surprise.

  5. Oh poor Miss Peach and Beignet. We're happy to hear that Beau came back home, but are so sad about the other two. Purring for their families.

  6. So sorry to hear about your friend
    Benny & Lily

  7. This has been a sad day today - I was so relieved that Beau Beau came home. We didn't need any more sadness than we already had.

  8. Kindest friends...we thank you from our broken aching hearts for your loving comments in your beautiful post. The legacy of an icon will live on long after...only in the tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays..
    Love Karla, Cole and Lapdaddy

  9. It's a very black day in the blogosphere, and our thoughts are with Miss Pauline and Misses Peach's mummy.

  10. So sad to hear of Miss Peach and Beignet. But also the good news about Beau!

  11. We were so sad to read of Miss Peach--we've taken your graphic and put it on our Furriends at the Bridge page. Thank you.

    And it was a shock that Beignet has cancer...We really thought the pathology report would come back negative.

    Not the best news to start the mom's day. Let's hope for better days ahead for all concerned.

    At least Beau Beau is home, yes!

  12. Me and Charlie have just heard about Miss Peach! We've left our condolences - it's very sad!

    Thank you for the info on little Beignet. Poor little thing. Hugs and purrs to Miss Pauline. Take care

  13. Our condolences to Miss Peach's family. Run young and free again, Miss Peach!

    Paws crossed for Beignet.

  14. So very sad about Miss Peach, and my heart hurts about sweet Beignet.

  15. Its a sad day all around.. everyone stay strong and snuggle and purr with each other.

  16. Such a sad day. Losing Miss Peach ... and dear little Beignet being so ill before his life has barely started. We are purring none stop for all concerned.

  17. It is a sad tearful day for these two babies. Miss Peach, whom I have been following just these past several weeks, yes, but I was and am fully involved emotionally with her and her family for whom I feel great sadness. Precious Beignet..unbelievable. Purrs and prayers for him.

  18. We adored Miss Peach. Such a dignified lovely ladycat. A beautiful soul. We remember those scary days in the past when we almost lost her, but she rallied and spent her remaining years as queen of the house as it should be.
    Poor little Beignet, we mourn for Paula and Truffle too, having to be seperated from her litter mate brother. Very sad news.

  19. Thanks for the great graphic for Miss Peach! I used it and gave you credit in my post for Miss Peach.
    Great blog btw, added to my reader! :)


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