Friday, July 01, 2011

Elk Rescues Marmot and WBCL

Hey, Cotton here. Your humans are probably gearing up for the 4th of July holiday weekend and leaving you out of their plans. Jan plans to work around the house this weekend, so we're happy she's not including us.

Yesterday we read a surprising interspecies article on an elk rescuing a marmot drowning in his water trough. In case you doubt, there are photos. 

We kitties were given an opportunity to test the new World's Best Cat Littler new lavender scent clumping litter. Unfortunately for Jan, we wouldn't use it, because the lavender scent was too strong. Jan gave us one litter box with the WBCL and one with our regular litter. Although some of us liked the regular WBCL when we tried it a couple of years or so ago, in this test, we all used our regular litter.

Jan didn't like it either because the strong scent caused her breathing problems. (We think this must have been a defective bag because other kitties have blogged about how much they love this new lavender scent product.)

We mention WBCL today because we want to let you know WBCL is having a contest.

Two cat owners will win -
A 1-year supply of WBCL.
A $200 Target gift card.

To enter:
Buy a black and red Multiple Cat Clumping Formula bag with the $1 instant coupon at your local Target store.
Take a picture to show you purchased it at Target.
Follow submission directions.

You can find more detailed information on their Clearing the Air blog.  The submission deadline is July 10, 2011. 

Note: The WBCL regular clumping formula is also sold at Target but is not included in the contest.

WBCL sent us a small bag of the litter to try, but we were not paid or influenced for this post, or even asked to review it. We are just sharing our personal experience with the new WBCL. We've included the contest information in case one or more of you might want to enter - and hopefully one of our readers might win.



  1. We for sure must check out that article, scawy
    Benny & Lily

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  3. That's some story! You kind of wonder what was going through the elk's mind? Lunch? Or maybe this was the elk equivilant of "waiter I have a fly in my soup"!!

  4. Thanks for that review of the litter. I think we will pass on getting some of that. Knowing my fussy guys and gals, they wouldn't use it.
    I saw that Elk rescuing that little marmot on the TV. It was something else.
    Also I don't like to use the clumping kind of litter since I had a cat get stopped up from it. It clumps every where.

  5. Oh wow!! That elk rescuing the marmot is amazing!! Wow!!! Awwwww of course he was being noble and kind!! Yay for the elk and lucky marmot!!! Amazing!!! thanks for the link gorgeous Cotton! take care

  6. Hooray for that hero Elk! Hey, I don't think we would like that scent either, we prefer to add our own!!!

  7. That was such an interesting story about the Elk. He is my new Hero.


  8. Those pictures of the elk rescuing the marmot just shows size doesn't matter. (no rude comments please)
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Thank you so much for sharing the link to that awesome story of the elk rescuing the marmot. Animals sometimes does things that gives you goosebumps. Amazing... loved this story.

  10. Mom said that she and Dad will be staying put over the Holiday. Dad doesn't like crowds so whatever fireworks Mom sees will be on TV. We have a burn ban in our county because of how dry we are and there are 150 fires within 50 miles of our fair city. We are hoping for lots of gentle rain.
    Have a happy weekend.

  11. I am dying to try their lavender litter, I am insane for the smell of lavender!

  12. We saw that too and loved it :-) Enjoy the contest

  13. My mom read the story of the elk and the marmot! It was pawesome!
    good review on the WBCL. Strong scents are not funny, right?
    Happy 4th of July Weekend!
    Kisses and hugs


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