Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Purrs, Grrrs and Gus

Graphic courtesy of KC of the Cat Blogosphere.

Ayla is finally home. It is unbelievable that she was improperly spayed - twice! Yesterday she was spayed for the 3rd time during a different procedure and sent home. Last night she was taken to an emergency vet bleeding badly. The Big Thing is understandably irate over nearly losing her - not to mention the expenses incurred. Evidently the emergency vet personnel have the bedside manner of Dr. Martin Ellingham, the outspokenly rude doctor from Dr. Martin, a British comedy Jan likes to watch. Such behavior is barely funny in a TV comedy..

Purrs and wags for Ayla to have a total and rapid healing. You can visit Ayla at Mark's Mews.

Many of you might have already seen this video but it's so funny, we decided to post it anyway. It was fun to watch it again and again. Gus reminds us of Buddy when he was a pup.Total determination!

We guess the weather must be sweltering where Gus lives, so who can blame him for wanting his pool indoors instead of outside.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

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  1. We've been purring for sweet Ayla since we heard, such a horrible situation.

  2. That is terrible about Ayla. How can this happen? Hopefully she's on the mend this time. Crossed Paws and lots of hugs heading her way.

  3. Poor Ayla, we've never even heard of this happening. We would sure do a lot of serious investigating and complaining and letter writing.

  4. Glad that Ayla is getting better. She is in our prayers.


  5. We found out abouts Ayla's worsening condition today and were shocked to read about how Mark almost lost her. We're hoping for an update soon. And purring fur a positive outcome.

  6. That video is hysterical
    Benny & Lily

  7. We are all purring for Ayla. How terrible.

  8. We were so glad to hear Ayla's back at home now. We hope she heals quickly.

    Cody and Gracie

    PS - that was a wonderful video - we loved it.

  9. We are so sorry about Ayla - how awful and how worrying that a vet's could be so bad! Oh dear, me and Charlie purr very very hard for Ayla!!

    I'm at work at the moment so will watch the clip when I get home! Yay! take care

  10. We've been sending our purrs and purrayers to Ayla too. It's absurd, the kind of vet "care" she's had. Our mom would be through the roof were she in Mark's situation. We're glad she's home now, though, and hope she's spent a good night. (Mark too!)

    That video of Gus was great. Very clever and determined. LOL.

  11. I am so shocked to hear about Ayla, such a very different vet care experience from mine. In fact, my beans were not charged for my care as this was a 'learning experience' they explained. They only paid for the one night in emergency which was also very good. We are all purring and prarraying for Ayla, she and her bean have been through such a terrible experience.

    Thanks for your compliments about me, I love compliments!!

    I don't jump or do stairs yet, but all in good time. Thank you so much for all the purrs and good wishes, it worked for me!


  12. Oh we are so behind and had no idea about Ayla til today - we are of course sending her tons of purrs and prayers to get well soon!!

  13. Ayla's story is one of the worst stories I have heard. Someone needs to bring that vet up before someone. Their is no excuse how that poor cat was treated.
    We had seen that video before and it is hysterical. What a smart dog Gus is. The mom was pretty funny herself not thinking Gus would really take the pool inside.
    Stay cool Jan.


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