Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sam Broke his Biscuit

Innova sent us a 26 oz. bag of small Healthbar - Baked Dog Treats and a 3 oz. bag of Cat Treats to sample. They sounded really good until Jan pulled that they're-good-for-you hat off her head again. Doesn't she understand they taste better to us furries when we think we shouldn't have them?

Does Jan really think Rusty cares the cat and dog treats are rich in important fatty acids? He wasn't even listening when she read the ingredient list to him. Cotton, Cyndi, Percy and Cameron scarfed them down too, but they don't go outside so they missed the photo session. They didn't mind, as long as they got their share of the treats.

Buddy and Jan had a tug of war over the biscuit. She was trying to hold the biscuit and take the photo and we all know how well she multi-tasks.

Merci tried to be a lady but she too tried to tug the biscuit away from Jan before the shot was taken. The HealthBars are baked using the same ingredients as the cat treats, with some barley added - chicken and turkey, whole ground grains, fruit and vegetables and cottage cheese. Oh, and some eggs, potato, rice, apple and carrot.

If Sam looks a bit perturbed, he is. He tried to wrest the biscuit away from Jan before she could snap the photo and the HealthBar snapped first. He wanted the other half too!

The biscuits passed the feline and canine taste test. Jan appreciates that they are made with healthy ingredients. Innova says they are holistic, made with high quality protein, contain glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, and do not contain corn, wheat, soy, fillers, by-products, preservatives or colors.

Innova is currently expanding their distribution but their products will not be sold in grocery or department stores. Visit the Innova website for more information on the various cat and dog products available.

We have two coupons to give away. Each is for one free bag of Innova Dog or Cat food up to 6.6 pounds. Unfortunately, they can only be used in the US and Canada. If you are interested in receiving one of the coupons, just leave a comment that you would like to enter the drawing before 12 midnight EDT, Wednesday, July 27. We will announce the winning names Thursday afternoon.

We do have a pet store in our town but Innova isn't sold there. It is sold about 30 or more miles away, but it wouldn't be cost effective for Jan to drive that far just for a free bag of food. We suggest you click here to find out if it is sold somewhere near you.

And now if you'll excuse us, we're going to go see if Jan can remember where she hid the bags of treats so Percy can't find them and pig out.

Innova supplied the coupons for the giveaway and the two bags of treats. They did not tell us what to say or pay us for this review.


  1. Of course you don't have to enter me, since I had the same giveaway - but I did want to mention that my human is mean because she would not let us eat the whole bag of cat treats all at once! In fact, to prove how chintzy she is, there is still some left! If only I could figure out where she is hiding it...

  2. Mama says we have 2 stores near us that sell Innova products, so we would like to be in on the drawing please.

  3. Me and Charlie just noticed that beautiful Sam has two different coloured eyes!! WOW!!! How lovely!!! Awwwww!!!

    Yay for scrummy treats for all you gorgeous kitties and woofies at JFF!!! Take care

  4. Oh yum! We live too far away to enter but we like the packaging.

  5. We live too far away too ~ but they look yummy!

  6. The treats *look* yummy, but anytime our mom brings home "healthy" treats, we shun them, of course. :-P

  7. I'm glad they passed the test! We'll have to pass on the contest too, we can't be changing what we eat again.

  8. Those look very yummy. I nose we would luv dem. We jus saw da new product line in our local PetsMart yesterday. Luv to enter the drawing. Free is a good ting! (and we luv food)

  9. We do have a store around here that sells it, but honestly we all are on special diets (except hansel but he eats what tesla eats) So you can just excuse us for the drawing. But, we think it sure looks good! those treats wouldn't last very long around here!!!!! :)

  10. Don't enter us either since we just won a coupon over at the Beaded tail. So we will be giving it a try too. Glad everyone liked the treats. They do look good. Have a great day.

  11. I say if it tastes yummy thats all that matters.I am too far away but good luck to everyone. Hugs GJ x

  12. Seems like you multi-tasked okay.


  13. I won't get to enter since I am in Australia but they sure sound tasty!

  14. We were worried when we saw the title "Sam Broke His Biscuit"...but we should have known you folks are good kidders over here! Nice woofie pics! (Innova is a great company but we won't enter to give the others a better chance cause we have too many different foods on the go right now.) Purrs for someone to be able to help Beemer, what a sweetheart she is.

  15. First Happiest of Birthdays to Cameron.

    We checked and Petsmart carries Innova. We are so glad we finally got a Petsmart and the thingy also said Tailwaggers (which is a tiny bit closer to us) carries it.

    Those treats sure looked and sounded yummy.

  16. We're back on Tuesday to wish Cameron a very happy birthday! :-)

  17. Did someone paw SNAKHKS?

    I'm SO in!

    Especially since The Golden Khampers have chekhked out - I need to restokhk my snakhks!

    PeeEssWoo: Will it inkhlude a free khat?


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