Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bouncing Feather Babies

Hey, Cotton here with some really cute bouncing babies for your viewing pleasure. Not bouncing on your knee babies. Real bouncing babies.

But first, Happy Birthday to Petfinder. Thanks for all the furries you've helped home over the years.

And now to the entertainment. After watching this video, we all decided we're glad we were born cats or dogs instead of ducks. Besides we're not crazy about large bodies of water and prefer our feet on solid ground.

Enjoy the bouncing feather babies.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Happy weekend!


  1. Have a happy weekend, Jan and family!!!

    Momo & Pinot

  2. Poor babies we are glad they had all those leaves to land on. We would not want to be a duck either. Have a great weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Good grief! I don't know about large body of water. Hope they had a head for heights!! What brilliant photography from the Attenborough team :)

  4. Ouchy!!! That looks like it hurt a bit, and I didn't know they went up in trees like that!

  5. I love love love this series!! One of the best ever! Brilliant - and this sequence explains so much why mama ducks tend to nest in balconies or high up when in cities! Yay!!! Look at those chicks fly down! awwww Brilliant! take care

  6. What a darling video! And thanks for stopping by to wish Minchie "Little Man" a happy birthday!

  7. What a good mama duck to keep them safe so high up, but on that fall was a tough one to watch. Thanks for sharing.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Now, that's a big drop! So glad they can bounce.

    Mom Paula

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  9. Amazing video and such determination by the ducklings! Thank you so much for dropping by to wish Cookie well. He is home and he's glad of that.

  10. I loved the video!
    They are so brave and sure their mom is very proud of them!
    Happy saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Wow, that's quite a fall. We're glad they had lots of leaves to bounce and land on.

  12. Its been a long, long time since I stopped by and I've missed you, and we'd all miss PetFinder if it wasn't there too!! :-))

    I hope you're doing well and enjoying your summer!!!

  13. We seed this on a David attenborough documentary. Mum laughed!

  14. Oh my goodness, I don't know how those baby ducks didn't get hurt!! Their poor little wings flapping like mad as they were falling down! Ha! Ha!


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