Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cotton Introduces Beemer

Hey, Cotton here, the oldest Funny Farm resident. Well, if you exclude Jan, I am, but Jan is so old Cameron can't even count that high. (He counts on his toes, you know.)

We seniors have to look out for the kitten generation, so I'd like to introduce you to Beemer, a special needs kitten in NE Ohio.  Isn't she cute?

Cat rescuer Tobin sent a message and photos today. We are just going to copy and paste it as sent -

My friend Shawna found this pretty grey tabby kitten in her yard. The kitten's eyes were matted shut & she was totally defenseless. After cleaning them Shawna found the eyes were in bad shape. She named this kitten Beemer (after the puppy in Cleveland who had starved nearly to death) & took her to the vet.

Beemer had a severe URI (upper respiratory infection) & ulcerations on her right eye. She’s recovering nicely from her URI. Beemer’s eye is improving as well, but she may end up being blind or partially blind in one eye.

Shawna rescues dogs and cannot keep Beemer. She needs to find a good home or foster to take care of this kitten. Beemer is almost done with her antibiotics.

She‘s UTD (up to date on vaccinations) but not spayed yet. She's about 7 weeks old, eats solid food & uses the litter.

Beemer in is the Akron Ohio area but we will arrange transport to anywhere.

Do you have room in your home & in your heart for Beemer? If so please contact Shawna at

seifertent AT aol DOT com

All potential adopters are screened.

We hope Beemer will soon be in a forever home, or at least in foster care. Shawna has done the hard part.

UPDATE: Shawna has offered to do a foster-swap; she will take a dog from a rescue willing to take Beemer.


  1. we sure wish we could take everybuddy home
    Benny & Lily

  2. Jan I will put this on my Facebook and on Twitter. She sure is cute. But as you know, our Inn is full. Hope you can stay cool.

  3. Here's to a quick adoption into a good forever home for the little one.

    Such a little beauty.

  4. Paws crossed here for a quick 4-ever home for Beemer! She is a cutie!

  5. WE will purr really hard that Beemer finds a wonderful forever home and we are sending healing purrs for her eyes. Glad she is on the way to recovery.

  6. Everything crossed to get the sweet little on a perfect forever home.

  7. Awwwww sweet little Beemer!! Me and Charlie hope hope hope that she finds a forever home asap! She's such a fighter and a cutie, she deserves a great family!! Yay!!

    Hello gorgeous Cameron! take care

  8. Such a sweetie she is! If she is mostly sightless, Blind Cat Rescue would help her, but I will post on Twitter and Facebook.

  9. Thank goodness for wonderful humans that take in the little ones, take care of them, bring them back to health.

    WE sure will hope she finds a good home. WE are pretty far away and we already have Allred (Devil Cat) but I would be happy to trade him in for Beamer if I could.


  10. I do hope Beemer can find a good forever home.

    Mom Paula

  11. Sure hope the little sweetie would find a home soon. Poor little thing!

  12. I hope things work out and she finds a forever home. Our home is full and so is our shelter...
    She looks like such a sweetie...

  13. We hope she finds a home soon!

  14. Oh dat Beemer iz kinda cute too! I hopes he findsez hiz furevefur home soon Jan. Didz I tellz you I ack-shoelly like kittenz? I yam fasty-nayed by 'em. Good ting, 'cuz we now haz Ella runnin' around evfurrywhere!
    I'm sorry I mussed Merci's birfday. Can you givez her a hug fur us?
    Da momee waz laffin' at Ella last night & cryin' abouts da Auntie Stinkie at da same time! Iz dat possybull?
    We lovez you,
    Dr Tweety & da Fab Five

  15. My prayers are with Beemer.


  16. Beemer is such a cutie we know that her forever home will find her very soon.

  17. Hi Eveyone, its Toby here: This message is from Shawna; Beemer's Rescuer: "She didn't eat the dry at first but after a week she came around to it. She generally gets the run of the mud room. She's caged at night. but it's a 2'x4' cage so it's a good size.

    I take her outside with me to water plants and she is just mesmerized with the hose. She's really on the move pretty good. The only place she is not loose is in the house with the dogs. But I play for 15-20 mins every 2-3 hours during the day.

    I've called all kinds of rescue groups and no one will take her. She's almost all out of medicine and her eyes look great."

  18. beemer is so beautiful! I hope she finds her furever home
    <3 Gizmo


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