Friday, July 15, 2011

Rusty Intros AUDI

Hey, Rusty here. Since I long ago voted myself an official member of the Funny Farm woofies by charging out the door when they go outside in their pen and by marking the doghouse with my scent (the chickens are afraid of the doghouse), I think it only fitting I host one of these posts about dogs.

A friend sent us a link to a group called Atlanta Underdog Initiative, or A.U.D.I. It's an advocacy and rescue foster-based organization. Their focus is on pit bulls and mastiffs but will help any dog in need if they can. They do rescue but their primary focus is on "promoting responsible dog ownership, providing breed information of pit bulls and mastiffs, finding alternative solutions to breed specific legislation and working with communities to alleviate the pet overpopulation problem." To learn more, visit A.U.D.I. (They also have a blog there.) They have a page on Facebook.

We did another post on Dogs in Brazil yesterday. because they are in crisis and about to lose everything.The folks who have been feeding and rescuing street dogs in a country where dogs are not valued are in need of feeding and rescuing too. The Examiner did a short article on them, Animal rescuer struggling to help street dogs in Brazil.

Forgive us for being repetitive but their need is immediate and great! We want to see these folks get back on their feet so they can move forward with saving more dogs.

Our internet is as sluggish in this heat and humidity as we furries are, so I think I will go join the other Funny Farmers in a nap. All this typing was hard work.


  1. With all your power and control Rusty you should be writing the post today. Good story on the dogs from Brazil
    Benny & Lily

  2. Yep, the need is so great fur sure! Our internet has been slow too...I think it's the heat!

  3. Yay for you posting about this amazing organisation and how they are looking after these abandoned doggies!! Take care

  4. A love for a furry is the same no matter where they are or what language they speak!

    Fanks fer comin to my purrthday party!!


  5. That's a good post, and you make a great honorary woofie! We hope all of those doggies get help from people. Our Mama used to be great friends with a mastiff!


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