Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rusty Dishes the News

Hi, Rusty here. Excuse me but I just had this sudden, inexplicable desire to eat, so please forgive me if I talk with my mouth full.

We can't believe this. Does this cat have a speech impediment? We can understand him perfectly. I"m hungry! Feed me! The human is obviously deaf, dumb and blind or cruel and heartless. (We're joking.) Here, see if you have any problem understanding what he is saying.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

A couple weeks ago we reported on Jan's aborted flying attempt. We didn't mention she broke off 3 toenails when she tripped over the upraised cement because she didn't realize it until last week when her toes started to hurt and the sharp edges were discovered. Then yesterday morning she tucked in a corner of the blankets on the bed and rammed her pinky into what felt like a metal spring. When the bleeding stopped, she discovered she had torn the nail halfway across her finger - well below where it should be. So she claims she'll need even more computer time because it takes longer to type with 9 fingers than with 10. Percy offered to type for her but she declined.

Sniff, sniff ... we're starting to feel like this is just Jan's computer since it's always our computer time that gets cut back, not hers. Okay, she has important things that have to be done because humans can't survive without green papers, but couldn't she do them late at night while we sleep?

The auction to raise funds to build Chrystal's new cat house has begun. Drop by Furriends of the CB Auctions and check out the items - maybe even bid on one or two. Or at least tell your friends about it. In case you aren't acquainted with Chrystal, you can visit her here.

And a reminder that our neighbors Friends of Pike County Animals needs your daily vote to get an adoption and education center in their rural Georgia county. You can vote here.


  1. Happy Saturday Blog Hop!

  2. Might be time for that cat to bring out the claws. And poor Jan - mega ouchies.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. So sorry for Jan's ouchies! I hope they are better soon.

    That kitty in the video definitely wants something to eat!

  4. So sorry for Jan's ouchies! I hope they are better soon.

    That kitty in the video definitely wants something to eat!

  5. Ut oh..Jan's got boo boos
    Benny & Lily

  6. Ouch, nail injuries hurt way more than they need to! I hope Jan feels better soon.

  7. Ouchidrs on both fingers and toes is not good. Hope they heal soon.That video is real funny and I understood perfectly what he was saying lol Hugs GJ xx

  8. Oh Rusty and all at Jan's Funny Farm!! You must look after Jan and give her lots of hugs!! Good grief!! Awwww poor Jan!! Me and Charlie hope she is ok now!!!

    Awww that poor kitty!!! We hope her human fed her or him - poor thing!! Kitty wanted feeding - awwww!!

    Oooh we must go and vote now! Take care

  9. Wusty
    I have no idea why Hoomans awe so dense..I'm a woofie and I undewstood evewy wowd that sweet kitteh was saying..I hope hew hooman finally got it. I'm so sowwy Jen huwted hew paw..that sounds soopew ouchy
    I'm sending healing smoochies.
    I went to vote like always I hope they get the gween papews
    smoochie kisses

  10. Awwww how could the humans RESIST feeding that kitty with his big, sad blue eyes! We wanted to run right over there and feed him! Well, except for Lily, who was growling at the computer screen. Tell Jan to SLOW DOWN and be more careful before she breaks every finger and toe she owns!

  11. ouch! ouch ouch! ouch, ouch, ouch! ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouchies!

  12. Poor kitteh just wants his noms! defense of hoomins, it doesn't look like the kitteh misses many meals.

    Sorry about Jan's ouchies.

  13. Ohhh that is my favorite cat video right now! I LOVE it.

  14. That video is precious! Sorry about your mishaps...hope you you're back to yourself pretty soon!
    Big Mac, Molly & Moxie

  15. Oh-oh!
    Poor Jan!
    I hope she gets better soon!
    I agree with Khyra... bubble wrap is in order!
    Of course I understood what the kitty wanted!
    Have a good night!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. I hope they will all find a GOOD forever home .....
    (Kareltje was found on the street
    he was dumpt for a vacation
    he was only one year :(
    We adopt him and he had a life as a KING :-)

    Enjoy your sunday

    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

    Anya ♥

  17. Oh nose! Poor Jan! Breaking those nails sounds OUCH!
    The kitteh is talking too gently! You should hear the Giant Kitteh when he wants food. He screams. But don't let him knows I tolds you that.


  18. I am so enjoyng my day with Gracie visiting with her and meeting some of her friends. I want to thank you for the anniversary wishes your left for the dad and me the other day. That was so nice of you.
    Ouch! OM*&^%$^ not to hurt the toes! That is so painful, so sorry that happened. Loved the video with the hungry cat so cute.

  19. My cats said heard" there is something wrong with my bowl" too

  20. It's very obvious to me! He's saying FILL UP DIS DISH! Sorry to hears about all da broken nails. Ouch!


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