Monday, January 31, 2011

Widget Needs a Home Update

Scroll past these lovely photos of Widget for the update.

Some of our readers might remember Eric who rescued the 101 Lakemore Cats back in 2009. We did a number of posts on his rescue efforts because it was such a huge undertaking, both in time and money - not to mention the emotional cost.

He sent us this message and we decided to make it a special post. We would like to help spread the word about Widget. She is adorable. Just look at that sweet face.

Help bring Widget into a warm, loving home.  She is from the Canton, Ohio area..

One of the saddest things for cat rescue humans doing TNR {Trap Neuter release} for population control is the "Friendly" Ferals. Most of the time these sweet cats once had a warm home and were well fed. With so may shelters and rescues full, The cats owners for whatever reason, dump their unsuspecting animals behind restaurants or farms, old country roads. Most of these animals can NOT survive and are left lonely and starving to slowly die. Other feral colonies will reject and drive off these stray unwanted animals.

Below we have the story of Widget cared for by my rescue friend Toby ::::::::::::::::::: PLEASE open your heart , Look at her sweet face ~ Will someone please give this little lady a chance to feel safe, warm and loved in a new forever home. {She is the look alike of my shy feral Shadow who disappeared into the darkness one night last summer and never returned} Please help Widget before it is too late!

WIDGET ~~~~~~ {Toby's words} ~~ I need to find a mature, patient & understanding adopter for Widget. She’s a young cat currently living with a feral colony. She was abandoned there when she was about 10 weeks. She was feral at the time so I TNRed her. Now 8 months later, she’s becoming more & more friendly. She’s not happy living outdoors with the colony, she’s not thriving.  She’s one of those in-betweeners; not exactly feral & not really tame. But I truly believe with some patience & love she would blossom into a wonderful cat & lifetime companion. Widget is spayed & up to date on vaccinations. She’s healthy & content. But she’s not truly happy where she is.

Again, I am looking for maturity & patience. I think Widget would do fine with other cats. But not dogs & not small children. She’s going to need a calm, quiet home.

If interested, please email Toby.

Or leave a message for Toby ~ 330-452-4449 x202

Thank you,

UPDATE 2/2/2011: Widget is still in need of a home. But as you know, 1/3 of the United States is having freezing temps, snow and ice. This is the latest -

I did go get her from the feral colony, I could not sleep at night knowing she was out there. So she is in my garage with 4 other foster cats right now. She’s safe & warm, but she needs to be in real home. She is beginning to trust. I know she will blossom into a wonderful companion for the right person. She is so incredibly sweet & beautiful.

Please help spread the news about Widget so she can get a home of her own.

NOTE: Do not post Widget or any animals in need of a home on Craig's List or any similar website! It is not safe for the animals! But please pass along a link to this blog post. Thank you.


  1. I pray that this sweet kitty will find a loving home soon. It is so sad that people can just abandon and leave to their fate. Please let this have a happy ending.. Hugs GJ x

  2. Mega-purrs for sweet Widget to find her forever home!!!

  3. Me and Charlie hope, hope, hope, hope a kind and wonderful and special person will adopt beautiful Widget!!! Take care

  4. Such a sweetie, I told my twitter pals too.

  5. We hope Widget finds a good place. A farm maybe?

  6. so good of you to share post this. Widget is indeed a sweetie.

  7. I am going to post this right now!

    OMC is she ever gorgeous! She looks like she is wearing eye liner....I have A LOT of friends in Ohio on Facebook so I will definitely post it there and on Twitter!

  8. My paws are crossed for her, hoping she will find a lovely home soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Hope she finds a forever home
    Benny & Lily

  10. My heart breaks for Widget and her story. I will hold her in my purr-ayers to be adopted into a safe home for someone to love her for the special kitty she is. She is absolutely beautiful.

  11. Widget is adorable and we love her stripe across the front of her legs. We hope she will have her very own forever home soon.

  12. Hey Farmers,
    Let's hope your post shakes up a home for Widget. It's a good thing that Eric and Toby care to spend the time, effort and money to help the less fortunate animals.
    - TBH&K

  13. What a sweetheart. Have shared on FB and also posted to an Ohio friend's wall.


  14. We are hoping that Widget will soon find a furever home with a loving family.

  15. We are purring Widget finds the purrfect home for her. She has the sweetest expression.

  16. Aww Widget, yoo is makin biscuit whiskers, which means yoo is furry happy! We is hopin yoo finds that warm furever home soon. We've got our purrs to Bast goin on strongly.


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