Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cameron Has Temp Amnesia

Hi, it's Crystal again.  Oh, my, no it's not.  I'm Cameron!  I really do know who I am.  It was just a typo.  But you can probably tell Crystal is heavy on our minds today.  We miss our handsome guy. 

We have another squee moment for you. Who would have thought? Well, we furries might but many humans wouldn't. But we furries can live together in peace-  as long as we don't try to eat the middle of the carrot at the same time.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Recognize this handsome guy? He's our latest Zazzle design - photo used with permission.  It took Jan a good part of two days to finish this because she forgets things faster than she learns them any more.  But she had fun figuring out what she wanted and how to do it.

And a reminder that our neighbors Friends of Pike County Animals needs your daily vote to get an adoption and education center in their rural Georgia county. They are 141st as we type this. They started at 155 and dropped back to 165 or 166th place and have worked their way back up again. In fact, they've moved up two numbers since yesterday. They still have a long way to go but with your help, anything could happen. You can vote here.


  1. Are you using Photoshop elements to do things. If you want to send the Woman an email she might know how to do stuff (and save you the frustration) or else she can say Sorry I don't know either... can you let me know? I'd like to do that too...:)

  2. How cute! A puppy martha and Bailey too! Of course I would not dare try and eat Faline's carrits, she would beat me up!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  3. Aww lovely Crystal - much loved and missed!

    Thanks for the wonderful clip!! Awwww!!! that's so cute!!!

    Great to see gorgeous GJ all designed and lovely!! Well done Jan!!

    We've voted over at Pepsi's! Take care

  4. Coming by to say hi. We miss Crystal too!

  5. We want to know too how you do this. It's amazing!

  6. I believe the puppy thinks it is a lop eared bunny!

    Thanks fur sharing that AND GJ's handsome - and tasty - self!


  7. Hey Farmer's,
    Crystal may be gone but he'll never be forgotten, actually a little bit of him is still in each of your hearts.
    Dad has been trying to comprehend PSE for a little over a year now, the Christmas card is his best output to date and it's pretty basic.
    We vote for Pike County everyday but we don't drink Pepsi-Cola.
    - TBH&K

  8. Sure the bunny has a better idea about what to do with a carrot!
    GJ! Pawesome job!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. My human is the same. If it's a financial program she remembers everything...but give her something fun to do like photoshop and she forgets every time. She has to relearn over and over.....duh!

  10. We miss Crystal, too. We are sending big and rumbly comforting purrs your way.

    Love the video with the bunny and woofie sharing that carrot. Adorable!

    We're off to go vote for Friends of Pike County Animal now!

    Have a great weekend, friends.

  11. We unnerstand. Sometimes The Big Thing calls one of us "Skeeter". We forgive him.


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