Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cotton Tattles on Sam

Hi, this is Cotton, the senior Funny Farmer, bringing you today's post.

Dogs are not particular about what they eat, as we cats are.  At least most of us.  Some of us eat plastic. But we read a story this morning about a Golden Retriever puppy that ate a cell phone and a small doll. He would have died without surgery to remove the items.

These are photos of the homemade candy corn cat toy Peggy sent us kitties in 2009. She is the one who makes the wonderful hairy blankies for us furries. We loved the toy. It was big and well-stuffed so it was fun to wrestle and bunny kick.

The toy looks small in comparison to Sam.

You can get a better idea of its size next to Rusty, our B-I-G kitty with the dog-size paws.

And here is Cyndi wrestling with it.

One day last June Jan stopped home for a few minutes and was racing out the door again when she noticed what looked like string hanging from Sam's mouth. He didn't want her to see it, but she pried open his jaws and took out this.

Yep, it was unmistakably a small piece of the candy corn toy. But where was the rest of it? Jan hoped he had shredded it and hidden the pieces, but, no, Sam had not only stolen the cat toy but had eaten the whole thing.

Jan was amazed that Sam still had an appetite and kept his food down, while vomiting up candy corn stuffing over the weekend. The yucky swollen, wet stuffing exited at one end and the colorful yarn pieces exited at the other.But exit they did - thankfully!

It gave Jan quite a scare. She is so glad he didn't need to have an operation to save his life. He is banned from playing with stuffed toys unsupervised but he's a big dog so he can reach places with neat things to steal, so he still manages to help himself to one on occasion. He will chew them and pull out the stuffing but he hasn't eaten any since.

And a reminder that our neighbors Friends of Pike County Animals needs your daily vote to get an adoption and education center in their rural Georgia county. They are 153rd as we type this. They started at 155 and dropped back to 165 or 166th place and have worked their way back up again. They have moved down to 140th place. They still have a long way to go but with your help, anything could happen. You can vote here.


  1. I really can't blame the dog for eating the cell phone. They are so annoying... Too bad he couldn't digest it, but then... well can you blame him?

  2. Wow Sam, that sure could have turned out badly. I'm glad the other woofie was alright though!

  3. I'm glad Poodles are such picky eaters.

  4. We just read a post on another blog about all the strange things that pups and kitties eat and all the bad things that can happen. Scary stuff.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Oh my that had to be scary for Jan!
    Sam, we are in awe of your ability to selectively "rid" yourself of things!

  6. Beautiful Sam!!! Oh my goodness!!! Me and Charlie are glad you are ok now!! Oh wow!!!

    Thanks for this amazing post sweet Cotton!!

    We are off to vote now! Take care

  7. Oh my stars.....guess we better watches what we eats. Yarn and string does NOT made good dental floss....


    PeeS...Note from Mom.....I have the Pike County link on my desktop so it jumps out at me every time I go to the computer. So I vote as often as it lets me! :o)

  8. Happy ending to the corn toy story!
    Glad there were no need of a surgery!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. That is scary! Binga likes to eat string and I love rubber bands, so these items are pretty much banned from the house.

  10. Glad that it all came out ok :) That's exactly the kind of thing that my dogs do whenever I let my guard down. The difference is that they'd probably need surgery. That's why we have pet health insurance :)

  11. Wellllllll we could go on and on about what Archie has eaten...but a stuffie is really more up my alley.. well really just the sqwee
    kie partI could leave the rest.. Love and kisses A+A

  12. There was a British GR that had upwards of 20 items in them!

    I'm so slakhking in the Siberian grouping!


  13. Glad the candy corn made an exit without surgery involved. Wish you could see this. Arty is totally relaxed in the Mom's lap while she types and the Fen is right behind her playing with one of our cat toys. Don't worry Mommy is watching to make sure he doesn't eat it.


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