Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Klutz Comedy Report

Hi, we are Sam, Merci and Buddy taking over Jan's typing chair today and bringing you the latest update on our human.As we've mentioned before, she can trip over her own shadow while we walk her.

We wish we had a video to show you of today's klutz comedy but there was no witness with a camera available. In fact, there were no witnesses except us and we didn't have a cell phone to dial 911. But if we had a photo, we could be rich. We could buy up a gross of promotional items with Jan's embarrassing moment photo on them and sell them at public events.

But we want you to know, on our solemn word, that we had nothing to do with what happened! The snow is melting, the sidewalks are clear except for isolated spots here and there, and we finally convinced Jan to stick her nose out the door for the first time since Sunday. We were just walking along at our usual pace minding our own business - and behaving! - when Jan suddenly went flying and crashed onto the sidewalk. Sam thought she was lying there because she wanted to play. (Merci points to head and makes circular motions with paw.)

We discussed our financial options at length and thought about buying a custom notepad to carry on our walks so we can draw stick pictures of interesting events such as this one for sale. However, we don't have any pockets and even though she keeps suggesting we get a job to earn some money, we don't think Jan would agree to let us use her pockets.

Note from Jan: The dogs honestly didn't have anything to do with the accident today.We all like a brisk walk when it's cold, so when the toe of my shoe rammed a broken, raised part of the sidewalk, my legs stopped going forward but my body didn't and I crash landed really hard on the cement. Even with several layers of clothes and a heavy coat, it felt like being hit with a cement truck.

Buddy: Sam, Jan has the backpack that was too big for me but if you start wearing it on our walks, we can carry an actual camera and take our own photos. And the next time - cause you know there will be a next time - Jan forgets to pick up her feet, we can take photographs before she comes to ... uh, we mean, before she can get back up, and then we'll have evidence a photo to put on some cool cups to sell. We'll be rich and Jan will be pleased with us. Mortified but pleased.

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We need to let you know the story is true and the links are sponsored. 


  1. Oh that sounds like an ouchie. We hope you are okay and do not have too much damage.

  2. We hope the only damage was to Jan's pride, not to any body parts! Ouch is right!

  3. Jan, you have a good sense of humor, but hope you are okay. :) Know that hurts.

    It would have been softer to fall in the snow instead of the sidewalk!

    Cute photo of the whole gang at the computer!

  4. Ochie, that sounds painful.

    You guys best carry a first aid kit, along with the camera (of course) - when you go on walks.


  5. Oh no, mega ouchie. That is why our Mom won't walk us when there is snow on the ground. She is so afraid of breaking any more of her bones. We hope Jan is OK.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Oh Gosh, Miss Jan, we hope you are ok! We would never laugh at you falling down. However, we do work diligently to try to make our mom fall down the stairs! She asks us just who we think will feed us if she dies, but we don't think she'll REALLY die.

  7. Hey Farmer's,
    (We sure like those new insurance college ads that you're running on TV.)
    We hope that Ms. Jan is OK and didn't sustain any lingering muscle, joint, or bone pain. It's really icy here and dad was practicing ballet on the deck yesterday; well, he did a split. He's walking rather gingerly now. Did y'all check to make sure that the sidewalk pavement wasn't damaged; hate to have the city/county sue ya for damaging government property.
    - TBH&K

  8. Oh my goodness!! Jan!! Are you ok?? Oh dear - what an accident!! I hope you are ok and are resting!!

    Awww beautiful Sam, Merci and Buddy - please look after lovely Jan!!! And yes, take pics!! LOL!!

    Take care

  9. In addition to taking a flashy beast on your walks, you should consider taking da bandaids too. I understands because my Mom is a KLUTZ too. Woof!


  10. Sounds like Jan is an "accident-incident-magnet"!
    I hope she is ok!
    Aaand yes... a picture would be pawesome!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Ouch! We hope you're okay, Jan.

  12. Yikes, we hopes you are ok!

  13. We are popping by to wish all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR.. ok we are late, but it's all the mom's fault.

    LOL.. we had a good laugh at how you described how your mom can trip over her own shadow.. I think we can relate to that cos our mom has fallen down (no one pushed or tripped her whatsoever) on her knees 3 times in 2 weeks. Strangely, she landed in the same/ similar position every time.. i.e. kneeling down. Now her left knee is one giant bruise.. we may want to teach her to land on her bum next time cos it umm... provides more cushion).

    Hope Jan's fall wasn't too serious..

  14. I akhtually lassoed my mom a few weeks ago when she was filling the bird feeder and bird bath - she wasn't paying attention and BOOM -


    We hope Jan is feeling better today -

    It is a skhary thing to see - we always hope they don't land on us!


  15. Jan, we hope you are OK after your fall.

    Mommy often trips over her feet so we knows how careful you has to be when walking humans. They really do seem to have a lot of trouble walking.

  16. Wow, that sounds painful! Our Mama fell on the sidewalk once when it was icy. She almost landed on Lily, which would have been a disaster because Lily would be squashed! You should all remember to jump out of the way when Jan is falling! ;)

  17. Ouch! I slipped on the ice yesterday and crash landed too! That cement is so hard and it's never kind to the body when we fall down on it.


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