Friday, December 03, 2010

A Running Slide

We couldn't resist posting this video today.  Don't you just feel sorry for this poor guy (or gal)?  But he sure is determined. 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Au and Target's human has written a romance called Blackmail Bride which is out now and available in Kindle, B&N and Sony ebook format as well as PDF. You can read more about it at Katz and Other Tales. And if you click here, you can read the first chapter free. So if your human enjoys romance novels, check it out. 10% of the earnings will go to Furry Friends Farm, a no-kill animal sanctuary.  It would make a nice present for someone who likes to read romance books.

For those who are looking for something special for your pet for Christmas, check out our pet shirts at our jansfunnyfarm store at Zazzle. (We also have Christmas cards.) Click on any design you like and if you don't see a pet shirt with that design, just ask and we'll fix one for you.  We even have a TATA (Auntie Deb's Tough A** Tortie Association) pet shirt and matching t-shirt for your human.  Only Jan forgot the ** when she were making the design. Oops. That's what happens when you get old and forgetful.

The Zoolatry Human has done a beautiful job putting it together.In case you haven't seen the sneak preview yet, you can view it here.  Our Crystal is in the bridge section and a few of us are scattered throughout the months.

And if you still can't figure out what to buy your pet, you might check out The Daily Kibble's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. "Daily Kibble is a daily e-mail newsletter and web site featuring 'the latest, greatest, hottest, and coolest everything for pets: things to do, things to buy, and services for our furry four-legged best friends. 'Anyone can subscribe to Daily Kibble to receive the fun and free daily email - including special discounts and offers on many of the 22 products featured in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. Daily Kibble has picked out the best gifts for your pet, specifically items that are perfect for the ‘howlidays’ and an absolute must have for every dog lover!"  We don't have any money to spend but we've been subscribed to their daily newsletter for some time.

We not getting paid to include any of the above information..We're just mentioning it. However, we will get our pittance should you buy from our Zazzle store.


  1. Got a total giggle out of the video...of course he is determined, he's a Jack Russell Terrier, they are stubborn little guys - LOL!

    Love your christmas banner with all the stockings :-)

  2. Good video. We don't think those doggies ever settle down. Our friend is just like him, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. I know Gussie will say that is Teka!!!

    Thanks fur the full FrEYEday post!


  4. Awww that poor but very determined little doggie was just brilliant!! Awwww!!

    Thanks for the link Au and Target's book - I did see this earlier and have dowloaded the first chapter (as a taster) of the book to read!! Yay!!

    Good luck with your Zazzle store items!! Take care

  5. Great video. I am thinking that this is the way this doggie gets his/her exercise every day. That will help the weight issues. Wasn't nice of the camera person to laugh about it though. But I must say the mom here laughed out loud.

  6. I think that little one could make it with a little more practice!

  7. Thanks Jan! Wow! It's an honour to be mentioned.

    Love that wee dog. I bet it's as much fun to race up and not make it than to slide down; that's dog humour I guess.

  8. funny funnnnnny bonk bonk video
    We lvoe your snazzy Christmas banner. It is very sweet and cheerful too!

    we hope all of you have a nice week-end that includes snuggling and treats, and sunshine too

  9. The video was very funny. Great job on your Zazzle store and Christmas banner. Happy holidays!

  10. Had to laugh at the video but he didn't give up - hope someone took pity on him and helped him slide down eventually.

  11. This is what happens when you try to go up the down escalator.


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