Monday, December 06, 2010

Sam, Calendar and Cats

Do you remember this nice graphic Zoolatry made of me a while back?  Cotton suggested I use it when I introduce today's post since we have a cat video for you.  And since Cameron hosted yesterday's amazing dog video, they picked me to host today.

But first, we want to be sure to let those of you who aren't yet aware know that the Cat Blogosphere 2011 calendar is now out. From what we can see, it looks like the Zoolatry Human has done a terrific job of putting it together. And as you are already know, "all proceeds will benefit our furriends in need, through the Cat Blogosphere." 

We are excited about it, as this is the first year any of us have been in it.  Unfortunately, it's also the first year we have a Funny Farmer in the Bridge section - our handsome mancat Crystal. 

We have been putting this post together for 2 days. The first thing in it was the video we're about to play for you. So, naturally, we started receiving emails with the link over and over yesterday. But we don't have time to pull this and find another, so we're going to play it anyway. Grab something to drink and watch the patty-cake cats have their say.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Here are a few more pet blogger stores. And don't forget our Zazzle store.

Butchy & Snickers blog mom runs Teddy Bear Facelifts, a place where you can get your mohair stuffies cleaned, repaired and restored.

Many of you knew Jackson, the wire fox terrier that passed away a few months ago. His mom has a store called Forever Foxed

We can't forget Asta's mom. She's an artist and she has paintings for sale. She will even paint you a made to order pet portrait. Her site is Ami Kroon New York Painter.

And the popular Baby Patches has a store called NipandBones that sells a variety of cat and dog supplies.

We can't forget our jansfunnyfarm zazzle store. For those who are looking for something special for your pet for Christmas, check out our pet shirts.. Click on any design you like and if you don't see a pet shirt with that design, just ask and we'll fix one for you. We even have a TATA (Auntie Deb's Tough A** Tortie Association) pet shirt and matching t-shirt for your human. Only Jan forgot the ** when she were making the design.Oops.

If you have a store for your blog, let us know.  We'll be happy to add you to a post.  We're working on putting a special shopping page  together for our blog.  So feel free to wave a paw or two and remind us you're there.  Be sure to give us the url.  Either in a comment or email message. 


  1. We wanted to stop by and thank all of you guys for your purrs and prayers for Rudy Toots, it means a lot to us and we know that it's helping him get better.
    Smoochies to you all!

  2. Hi Sam! This is a great post - lots of good info! We didn't get into the CB Calendar this year - mom just got too busy. But we think it is cool that it has so many of our friends, and that it helps the CB kitties who need it! We also think it is cool that you are letting everyone know about all your friends stores - we have visited Butchy's mom's store before and think it is so cool, but we didn't know about Jacksons' mom's store, and though we knew Asta's mom has one we haven't been there before. And of course we know Baby Patches store, and yours too!

  3. That video is so funny, they really had to practice lots to get those moves down!

  4. Me and Charlie absolutely and completely love this clip!! We love it- it's so so so so so funny!!!!


    Awww we are so happy with the calendar - we can't wait for ours!!

    Thanks for these lovely links too!! Take care

  5. Nice news roundup/ Hope everything is alright with you furries - and the non-furry secretary!

  6. Sam, you are a cat magnet! We love you!!!

    Great post, lots of news and the video is so funny!!!

    Mommy watched it five times and now wants uSSSSS to play patty-cake!!!

  7. We have seen that video before but it still is great to watch. We really enjoy that. That is a great write up about all the stores everyone has. We will have to check them out.
    Take care and have a great evening.

  8. Ha! ha Ha! I laughed so hard watching those two cats play patty-cake, I almost fell off my chair. Pellie was laughing too. she said it was at what they were saying while they were playing. But I really didn't understand much of their words.


  9. I thought I was the khat magnet ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: I only did the regal on the bed thing whilst Mom got her shower - she ofFURs the bed but I still like the floor!

  10. Great video! Wonderful Patty Cake action. Too bad they can't get along!

  11. I wish sumwun wood play paddycake with me!

  12. You are a cat manet for sure and that graphic is lovely. Great post today.. That video is great.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. I like that video. It is so funny.

  14. Love the pawdy-cake video ;) I'll have to check out the calendar!


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