Saturday, December 04, 2010

Rudy, Murphy, and Licorice

Hi, hope you recognize me in my Santa hat.I'm Buddy and I'm here to introduce our post today.

First on our list is Perfectly Parker's brother Rudy who is sick with Haemobartonellosis, which is a parasitic blood infection. We never heard of this before but it's not bad enough to be sick, he has to take nasty tasting medicine and his poor mom has a struggle to get it in him.Get well soon, Rudy. 

Many of you will remember Murphy, an older cat whose owner was dying, and he needed a new home.  A nice family adopted him a few months ago so he could live the remainder of his life comfortably.  He has been helped to the bridge.  We wish all cats in such a position could have a new home and die with dignity at the end of their days instead of killed at a shelter.  Visit The Adventures of Space Paws.for more details, as they celebrate Murphy's life.

We didn't know Licorice but after reading about him we wish we had.  He sounds like he was quite a spitfire.  He left for the bridge on November 20, as told by his sister Penelope on the Cat From Hell blog..

Each kitty was surrounded by family as they passed away.  Purrs and tail wags for each.

Yesterday, we mentioned a few shopping ideas and we have a few more for you today. We are posting a few here and there because we want to, not because we were asked to and certainly we are not being paid for it.  Just sending some moral support to some talented bloggers.

For those who are looking for something special for your pet for Christmas, check out our pet shirts at our jansfunnyfarm store at Zazzle.  Click on any design you like and if you don't see a pet shirt with that design, just ask and we'll fix one for you.  The picture of Buddy at the top of this post is one of our Christmas card and t-shirt designs. 

If you'd like a different present for your pet, we have a number of talented pet bloggers with their own stores.  Chey, The Creek Cats, Karl's maid, Daisy, the Daily Gs .... we can't begin to remember them all.  And the 2011 Cat Blogosphere “Offishul” Calendar will soon be on sale.


  1. We are purring really hard for Rudy.

  2. Oh dear. I will definitely think good thoughts for RUdy. Please continue to purr for poor FLuffy, whom we took back to the vet today...

    The vet saw lots of bladder lining cells in her wee. We won't have the blood test results till Tuesday. He thinks there may be a tumour :( but I don't know.... I can't find much about bladder lining cells! I hope it is an after effect of all the anti-biotics... fingers and toes crossed. Please keep your paws crossed!

  3. We mostly sell cards so I think that you should remind them they can use one of our great cards from our shop to go with a great gift from your shop! :)

  4. Me and Charlie visited sweet Rudy and his family! We were so sorry to hear about Murphy and are just so glad he found a lovely family to be with for the remainder of his life. We are sending purrs to adorable Licorice's family too! take care

  5. Buddy, you look so very handsome in your Santa Hat!

    We are purring very hard for Rudy. We went and visited. Thanks for letting uSSSSS know about Murphy and Licorice, we shall go and leave a purr.

    Also, Jan is the best to tell everyone about the different places they can shop! Mommy is going right now to your Zazzle store!

    Love, uSSSSS

  6. Furry nice look Buddy!

    We've been keeping Rudy in our thoughts -

    Yes, being surrounded with good humans is a nice way to khross -


  7. Will send lots of purryers and good thoughts Rusy's way. This sound like a terrible illness and hope soon he will get back to hisself. Purryers too to those family and friends that had loved ones leave and go to the bridge. Makes the heart heavy.
    Love Buddy's Santa hat. He looks like a good helper for sure.

  8. Oh, the mom wants to to magnest for Christmas and when she shops at your store will let you know as for some reason she got kicked out and on another one for the last order, if I am remembering right. She only wants to shop your Zazzle store.
    Also for the next auction she is going to offer a $20.00 certificate of shopping at your place. This will help out Brighton. His auction is soon to start.

  9. Buddy you look handsome in your Santa hat, fits, you good too.

    Purring hard for Rudy.

    The snow started yesterday and has continued into today - so I have had to do a lot of snoopervising - while Pellie & Sir Knight shoveled. I do wish, that darn snow wasn't so cold on the paws. I don't want to frostbite them.


  10. Our Al had what Rudy had and is doing fine now. Hope he gets better too. We are sorry Murph and Licorice went to the bridge but they had good loved lives!

  11. We're purring for poor Rudy!

  12. I loved your t shirt with the santa hat. I visited poor Rudy and so hope he comes through this. I so agree with you about giving those kitties a chance for some loving before they left for the bridge, no matter how short that was. Hugs GJ x

    PS mum says could you put me on a tshirt with a santa hat.

  13. We are sending pawsitive thoughts to Rudy.


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