Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cats, Photo Contest and Bridge

Since a Petsense store opened in November, cats that would be killed at the local shelter are being adopted.  We stopped there Monday and photographed the new arrivals, and before we could post the photos, 4 cats  were adopted the same day.  When we dropped in Tuesday, there were 3 cats left with more arrivals due.  This is wonderful.

So if you're looking for a cuddly cat, drop by Petsense in the Wal-mart shopping center in Thomaston, Georgia.

We have a cute tuxedo kitten.

A sweet looking white and tabby.

And a dainty calico and white.

You can check out some of our local available dogs on Petfinder.

This is our friend, Gracie. She's not up for adoption. But we want to let all of you know about the Furriends of the CB Auction Christmas Photo Funraiser running through December 26 and all you have to do enter is to make a $5.00 donation to Brighton’s auction and email the photo to Gracie. (Check the auction rules for her address.) You can enter as many times as you like as long as you make a $5.00 donation per photo. Show something that you especially enjoy during the holiday time. Real photos or photo shopped photos will be accepted. The winner will be announced New Year’s Eve and they will receive a $20.00 prize paw picked out by Gracie. Help her make this a successful photo contest - please tell all of your friends about it. 

And Gracie adds, Any furrie can enter! We do not discriminate with the doggies. They are my pals too!!!

So find a photo and submit it before you forget. Your $5 donation will help with Brighton's vet billand you could win a $20 prize package.

TravisLittleMan's sister Sammi had to be helped to the bridge Monday. They're fairly new to blogging and his family could use some encouragement.

Also, Moe ran off to the bridge after battling megacolon.  He doesn't have a blog but comments for his mom can be left on the Cat Blogosphere

And our friend Genghis Khat's human Pellie has been very sick.  They tried to save a kitten they named Midnight but he was a feral and despite their help, he died in the cold.  They could use a kind word on their blog too.


  1. YAY for the kitties that are getting adopted at Petsense. We are purraying that they have found loving forever homes. We are also purraying for loving homes for the ones that haven't found homes yet.

    Shucks, we purray for ALL homeless kitties and doggies. They all deserve wonderfully loving homes.


  2. I love it that the adoptions are taking place at Petsense, that's wonderful!

  3. Such cuties. Wish we could take every buddy home
    Not naughty, but nice,
    Benny & Lily

  4. Me and Charlie are overjoyed that the kitties are being adopted at petsense!!! Brilliant!!!

    Thanks for all these links - we'll pop over!! Take care

  5. You are not too late! The comment-a-thon continues until midnight tonight (Wed.). Please spread the word...for Luke.

  6. Off to mapkhwest that store so I khan get my khytty -


  7. That is so pawsome that all those adoptions are taking place at Petsense! :)

  8. Oh, and we have a Christmas card for you! You can grab it from our sidebar. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  9. It is so good to hear that some kitties are getting their forever homes for their Christmas Present. So good of Petsense to be doing such a good thing. I'm sure from the pictures of the others they will be getting forever homes too.


  10. Our purrs to the Bridge kitties an the Beins who cared for them...

  11. Yay for Petsense. We wish the adopted kitties all the best and purr that the waiting ones get good homes soon.

  12. Thank you for your repurrt! You always keep uSSSSS informed! :)

  13. Thanks for the update!
    What good news for all them kitties what are getting adopted!

  14. Hi Jan, the kitties and I hope you are well. A week or two ago, a sweet female was adopted. I had reservations, but these are not my cats, if the county approves it, I can't stop the adoption. Today, the man who adopted came to the store, proceeded to describe the cat he adopted with profanity, and tell me he took it back to the kill shelter! I told my assistant that I was taking lunch and rushed to the shelter, because technically owner surrenders can be put down immediately. Thank goodness Smart saved her for me, and I brought her right back to the store, where she is waiting on her second chance at a forever home.


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