Thursday, December 02, 2010

Kyjen, Cherokee, Qwill, and Lucky

If you notice there is a widget in the sidebar for the Kyjen Boycott Boring Toy-A-Day Giveaway. All you have to do to enter is to become a Boycott Boring subscriber (free). No personal questions asked. Just your email address and they need that to notify you if you win. Each day they are randomly selecting a subscriber to win a toy.

On January 3rd, they will randomly choose one grand prize winner who will win one of each Kyjen toy in their catalog, over 100 items.

You don't have to be a blogger to enter. But if you are a blogger, you can win a big pile of everything. They do ask a few questions for this sign-up about you and your blog.

Click this link to subscribe to enter the Toy-A-Day-Giveaway and for the blogger sign-up.

Cherokee was helped to the bridge last Tuesday, Nov 23, and his family did a lovely memorial post this Monday.  We are so sorry for their loss.  You can visit Cherokee's family and leave a message at the Cat Street Boyz blog.

This Monday Au and Target lost their 18-year-old brother Qwill.  You can read Qwill's memorial post and leave a comment at Katz and Other Tales blog.

Both graphics are by KC of the Cat Blogosphere. She makes these graphics through her own tears to help comfort the families.

We prepared this post yesterday but would like to add one more item we just read.  Jan is always getting rid of mushrooms because they are a nuisance, produce spores and she's allergic.  She used to feel a bit strange, wondering what the neighbors thought, when she walked the yard looking for mushrooms.She had no idea how dangerous they could be to us, either in the yard or along the path of our walk.   But a puppy in New Jersey named Lucky was very unlucky when he ate just a small piece of a mushroom.  And if one just vet hospital sees.about 25 cases of mushroom poisoning a year and only one or two survive, how many thousands must die from this annually?  You can read the article with signs and symptoms here.


  1. Wow i had no idea that mushroom poisoning happened so often to dogs! Thank you for sharing the information!

  2. That is some good information to pass on. We will check out the toy giveaway
    Benny & Lily

  3. Thanks for your kind words about Qwill. He looks so cute in your pic!

    My mum is devastated but she is happy that he had such a good and long life.

    We did get some good news this morning: our romance novel Blackmail Bride is out! It's in Kindle, B&N and Sony ebook format as well as PDF. Check out the blurb and first chapter at our blog 10% goes to Friends Furry Farm, a no kill animal sanctuary. Check it out please and if you like it, spread the word?

  4. Pellie and I, don't happen to like any kind of mushrooms and when she hates when they grow up in our ward after a few wet and humid days, and is out there rid of yard of them. We never new they were harmful though, Good to know.
    You guys rock - you keep us so well informed about important things. Thanks so much.


  5. Mommy worries cause we has so many mushrooms growing in our yard. There is no way she could get rid of all of them. ~AFSS

  6. Mushrooms are not good!
    Thanks for sharing the info!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. We'll pass. We actually got too much stuff, so we want it ta go ta some kitties what needs more toys.


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