Thursday, February 04, 2010

Jazper Kitty

Many of you know Mo of Purrchance to Dream. He recently closed his store The Wren's Nest and unfortunately his store mascot has been unable to integrate with his housecats. So he has made the very hard decision to find Jazper kitty a home of his own. He is trying to do it with humor, but we don't think he's really laughing about it.

Isn't that a handsome face? You can read about Jaz on his own blog. His contact information is there. So if you live anywhere in or near the southeastern Michigan area and can possibly give Jaz a home, contact Mo.

Thank you, Rocky & Bear, for the tribute to Crystal. You are so good about remembering those who leave for the bridge. We are very sad that Deetz's family lost young Sharkie.

We have a Super Bowl Party invitation in our sidebar. Gracie has invited you and us to her place for an all day party Sunday, February 7. Be sure to put it on your calendar. And please remind us. You know how forgetful every one of us in this house are.


  1. We hope Jazper can find a forever home!

    And we'll see you all at Gracie's party! Should be lots of fun!

  2. I hope he finds a great forever home too

  3. What a handsome boy that Jazper is. It must be very hard for your friend to give him up. I'm hoping that Jazper finds a loving home real soon!

  4. Purrs and prayers for Jazper. Hope he finds a forever home soon!

  5. Thank you Jan.
    Indeed, it was a hard decision. It breaks my heart, but I have to do what is best not only for Jaz but for the rest of the Purries, and for my sanity.

    And thanks, everyone for their comments. I feel better already for having made the decision that integration isn't going to work and that I must re-home him, so now I can focus all of your positive energies into having a new Forever Home appear for him!

  6. I hope Jazper will find a forever and lovely home!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. He deserves to be King of the castle. He is gorgeous. I will post link this weekend.

  8. We sure purr and pray that Jazper will be able to find a new forever home. He is sure handsome enough to be able to. Also Purrs and prayers for the person who has to give him up, it's not an easy thing to do.


  9. We just love Mo's sense of humor! We're sorry Jazper didn't integrate well with the others, we know about that kind of stress too. Best of luck to Jazper to find his new forever home!!

  10. Poor Jazper, makes my whiskers weepy!

  11. I hope Jaz find a new home soon

  12. Good luck to Jazper. We hope he finds the right forever home soon!

    Purrs and kitty kisses to all, have a wonderful weekend!

  13. We hope Jazper gets a forever home soon.

    Tamir wanted to thank you for stopping by on his birthday. You helped make his day extra special!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  14. We are purraying that Jazper will find a wonderful furever home.

  15. We hope Jaz finds a new forever home soon... with a great marketing campaign like that it should be a sure thing!

    Happy Super Bowl Weekend!
    (Glogirly's cat)

  16. Here's hoping and purring for Jaz to find a forever home. We will try to remember to make it to Gracie's party too. Forgetfulness is also a problem here in the nip patch :)

  17. Maximus Spittimus hopes that Jaz finds the right home for him.

    Sometimes cats need their own home.

    That's cats for you.

    So says Maximus Spittimus.

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp

    ps...if we lived in Michigan he could come here anytime!!!!

  18. ps...I am in Ann Arbor this August for about 2 weeks...

    It's a Scooter Forums Radio World Tour and we're broadcasting from O'Neills Bar in Ann Arbor. this Saturday - tomorrow - at 9pm UK time it's me.

    Just go to and click 'listen' downloading or anything...I'll be in the 'shoutbox' chatting live and cats may enter the conversation...;-)

    I can't bring Max over but I'll be there with some SFR DJ's.

    You are invited.

    Mail me at for details....



  19. We are keeping our paws crossed for a forever home for Jazper.

  20. We wuz tryin to leave a comment earlier to wish Jazper all da best of luck fur finding a noo furefurr home, but mom's innernet conneckshun went down on accownt of sumpin about green papers. Meowf! How rude! Right in da middle of our makin a post to wish Jazper all da best.
    So, we iz back up, now, and kin fihish what we started!

    Jasper, you iz a furry purrty kitteh, and we can't imagine that you won't find a home quickly. In fact, we finks folks may fight offur who gets to haff you!

    All da best to you!


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