Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ban Bell Tags

We would like to show you what a good quality rabies tag looks like. However, we can't.

You see, Jan gets us 3 year rabies shots and you would think the tags would last 3 years. But whoever came up with the idea of a bell shaped tag should have to wear one in punishment. You know what a bell shape is. It has the wide lip at the bottom. All 3 bent above the lip. Merci's 3-year tag lasted 18 months before it broke, disappeared and had to be replaced.

First thing this morning, Jan found Buddy's tag on one of the dog beds. It's the one on the left, illegible and barely hanging together. He is due for another rabies shot in one month. If you notice Sam's tag on the right is still attached to his collar, but broken in half. Sam is not due for another shot until July of this year. What information is left on either tag is illegible.

The broken tag shredded Buddy's collar. Until today Jan couldn't replace the collar because it's too hard for her to get that S-hook thing attached. Now he has a new collar but no tag.

Jan says we dogs should learn to play gently, but we like to wrestle and play rough. Don't you think we should be able to play without worrying about our tags getting scratched or broken? Jan says we should have to pay to replace our own, but we say if the state makes us wear them, they should at least be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday canine life.

After all, we're dogs. Just doing what dogs do.

Don't blame us. Just ban bell tags!

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  1. Well I am with you all.. If you have to wear them they should be durable and able to stand wear.. The design maybe needs looking at.. Just a few words from a mere kitty.. mol.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. I agree! I've always wondered why they are so flimsy!

  3. That's right, if it's so important why are they so cheap?

  4. We thinks there has to be a better way. ~AFSS

    PS: See you at Gracie's.

  5. We totally agree. Those things are so flimsy.

    See you at Gracie's!

  6. I don't know we don't wear tags or collars, i gues we are lucky. Have a great sunday and see you at Gracies.

  7. we don't wear ours either. BUt we don't go outside.

  8. Boy you sure must play rough if you can wear out your things like that. What do you all do at your place?

  9. I like to bite my tag, but it's durable. Those is bad, bad, bad! What if you swallowed one of them parts? Here, fur huntin dogs, they make plastic "tag silencers" that cover the tags so they don't jingle. Somefin like dat mite purrtect da tags. But really, show da vet an maybe enuf complainers will get da tags changed.

  10. A 3 years shot for rabbies??
    Here it must be applied once a year!
    Those tags sure are not durable!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Power to the four-legs!

    I have no idea what else to say.
    Play bows,

  12. Are the tags important? I think the vet keeps track too--the tags are mostly to help with identification aren't they?

  13. We wear our license tags but Mom doesn't always put our new rabies tags on because she figures you can't get the license without proving you had the rabies. Like a lot of things today, so much is made too cheaply.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  14. I agree. Those tags should be dog-rough-housing tough.

  15. but but... why do they make it out of such cheapo metal if they make you wear that thing alllla the time huh?
    Mine is hanging on the fridge, you can have mine!


  16. All of my 'official' tages are on one khollar I only wear when I got places 'officially'

    Woo have a furry good point about how khrappy they are -


  17. There is no rabies in Australia & NZ so I have never had to have a rabies tag but we do have to have "registration tags" with the city councils we live in...and they are usually plastic but they seem to last a lot better! It IS really silly that if they expect you to wear them for 3 years, that they don't make them stronger!

    Honey the Great Dane

  18. Outrageous. If you have to get them they should be flat and made of metal like "proper" dog tags. Thank Ceiling Cat we don't have rabies in the UK, or I'd be in regular trouble with the law through my cats losing their ID tags and/or their collars! They are microchipped (the cats, not the collars, lol!) but I still like them to wear collars and ID tags so they are visible as cats who have a home when they're in the great outdoors Alfie is nekkid at the moment... :)xxx

  19. Grete says her tags are hanging in there and she is rough and tumble. Maybe Oregon tags are tougher?

  20. I think you are dreaming, lol !
    Thanks for Rosie, she is fine now ! I am so happy I really thought it was the end !

  21. Penny wise and pound foolish, I'm thinking. Stainless (durable), thick (owner can engrave on opposite side), round (nothing on which to snag). How much more expensive can that be? Pass the additional buck on to owners, if needed. It's cheaper in the long run than replacing them.


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