Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Confused Brain

Are you a right brain or a left brain? Or are you like someone we know who is confused brain? The reason we ask this is that since the news was announced that dog owners reportedly have a higher IQ than cat owners -- or was it the other way around -- and Jan has both dogs and cats, we have been wondering whether one who has dogs and cats has a confused IQ.

If you'd like to find out whether your brain is confused or not, click here.

As an update to our question on why the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand do not have rabies.

Buddy: Boy, I had no idea what we'd learn when my rabies tag tore off one month before renewal and we decided to post a photo of what is left of mine and Sam's. Such shoddy workmanship for a three year tag. Wonder what I can break next?

Hsin-Yi, Honey the Great Dane's human, left a comment to explain this.

Yes, there are some countries that are "rabies-free" and they have very strict quarantine laws to keep it that way. It is actually 6 MONTH quarantine in the UK, not 6 weeks! - unless your dog has a Pet Passport and has had 2 blood tests over a 6 months period to prove that they are rabies-free, if they are entering the UK from other countries which have rabies (eg, US & Canada). Of course, if they are born and have lived all their lives in those rabies-free countries, then they are considered safe. So animals from these rabies-free countries can travel between them without quarantine restrictions (eg, why Honey moved into Australia from NZ with no quarantine). Aside from the UK, Australia and NZ, the other countries are Switzerland and Taiwan and Japan, I think. They are mostly islands, so easier to patrol borders, but they do maintain very strict controls to keep their rabies-free status. It is good as if you live in them (and your pet was born there), then you never really have to worry.


  1. My mom has a confused brain! She only has me as a pet, but she saw the dancer going both directions.

  2. Mommy's brain is confused, but we already knew that. ~AFSS

  3. Dat all be inter-estin. OK? Whatz be "rabies?" OK?

  4. No doubt the Momster has a confused brain but that is probably why we like her the way she is:)

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  5. Hehehehe, we had mom take the test and we can now attest to the fact that she really does have a brain!!!!!!!!

  6. It is good to know the Woman was correct on her thinking about the rabies free countries in her last comment.

  7. makes me think of a certain quote from "HOMEWARD BOUND" from Sassy the Cat - "cats rule!"

  8. Neat stuff! My mommy has a confused brain- she says she can sees the dancer both ways BUT- she says the key to the real direction is the foots. Doing it counter-clockwise makes her bounces on her heel and the reflection is not right.
    Was fun- thanks fur sharing that.

  9. Maximus Spittimus would like to thank you for reminding him that he has a brain...

    Best Regards

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp

  10. I know I left my brain somewhere, right?

  11. I khouldn't test her -

    There didn't seem to be one there -


  12. That was fun and interesting. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, and for helping us celebrate our 100th blog posting!

    We love coming to the Funny Farm, too. Thanks for being our friends!

  13. Just dogs over here...but dad creates kitty, hmmmmmm...we'll put him in the confused brain category!!
    Great to know on the rabies.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  14. I think I use the middle of my brain...where all of the space is. :)

    Almost moved to HI once - the quarantine regs. killed that idea. I understand, but could not do it to my dogs...

  15. We can confirm that our apes have no brain, nope, not one between them. When our Mum was tiny (9000 years ago) (late 1960s really) there was a rabies scare in the UK. They had to keep ALL their pets indoors all the time. Any animal found outside would be shot. She remembers seeing tv news of foxes being shot in Essex where the scare originated. So far the Channel Tunnel has been a bit of a worry due to badgers and foxes coming through. Though how they manage to avoid the trains we don't know!

    Whicky Wuudler

  16. My human only saw the dancer going clock-wise. the other way. Maybe that's because she is losing her mind?

  17. I wonder if my mom has a brain... And she says she has a confused brain too!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Goodness everytime we visit Jan's farm we learn something new. We didn't know there were countrie's that didn't have rabies. What about the skunks, you can't give them rabie shots, unless you trapped them all. Mom is mostly right brain but she did finally see the shadowgirl going both directions.


  19. Yeah, no rabies here in NZ. We've seen Cujo, we know what happens.

  20. We think that the dog vs. dog owner intelligence factor is not exclusionary but additive. Cat AND dog owners are cumulatively smarter than either cat or dog owners separately. That's why Jan and our mom & dad are all extrodinarily smart.

    There is no rabies in one state in the U.S. Hawaii is rabies free and the state has an extensive quarantine ($$$) and surveillance and control program. Many military families that are order to the many military bases, sphips and units in Hawaii are faced with giving up their pets because of the quarantine fees and duration. Unfortunately, it also probably adds to the number of abandoned pets seen around military bases (military dumps)in the late spring/early summer when most service transfers are executed.
    - TBH&K


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