Friday, February 12, 2010

Jewelry Art Designs

We were asked to do a jewelry review for Jewelry Art Designs, so we chose a lovely 2-strand Black and White necklace. Cyndi said since she once modeled on the catwalk for Misha's contest, she was the one it should go to. But Cotton said she is the oldest and if the necklace went to Cyndi, we would have to buy her one. And then Merci said since she had survived the Cutest Dog Contest, it wouldn't be fair if the girl kitties get a necklace and she doesn't. Well, we don't have any money in the treasury, so they agreed the only fair solution would be for Jan to get the necklace. It arrived shortly after we lost Crystal, so we apologize to Sarah for taking so long to post this.

We wanted to take a picture to show how dainty the chain is, but this is the best of the photos we took. Jan held the necklace up in front of the window with the door open to get light without the dark shadows obscuring the view in our other pictures.

Jan really loves the necklace. It is very dainty and feminine. In her younger days, Jan claims she would have been able to wear this. But as she's gotten older, her fingers and delicate clasps don't work well together. However, someone with nimble fingers, as Jan claims she once had, should not have any problem putting it on.

You can view this necklace at Jewelry Art Designs. Sarah also carries rings and earrings and has some good information on how to care for your jewelry.

To keep the peace between Cyndi, Cotton and Merci, we made a suggestion to Jan about sharing the necklace, and she agreed. The blogging cats and dogs have been very kind to us and we would like to do something to help another blogger. We hope Sarah won't mind, but we have unanimously voted to donate this necklace to the next auction our friend Gracie holds to help a blogger in need, which should be next month. (We told her we have something for her after we blog about it, but she'll find out what it is when she reads this).

We were not paid for this review, only asked to "post your honest thoughts (good, bad or ugly) on your blog," which we have done.

(s) Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam


  1. That does look like a lovely necklace but our Mom is with Jan on this one. Her hands do not work at all, since she is such an old lady. But it is really pretty.

  2. It looks lovely. Our Mommy says getting old is no fun as your eyesight goes and your fine motor skills get shot, so she understands where you are coming from. ~AFSS

  3. It looks lovely and what a good idea to donate it for a good cause!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  4. I bet it will bring in some nice money at the auction as well!

  5. Mom says it is purrtee... we just wants to play wif it.

    We wish we coods buy it doh.

    Oh well... maybe after we gits famous or sumpin.

    -Katie Too

  6. Very pretty necklace. Our Mom agrees about the clasp difficulties. She loves lots or pretty necklaces but never likes the way they hang on her:)

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  7. Maximus Spittimus would like to ask 'can he eat it'?

    (I suspect not)

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp

  8. OMG! What can I say but a million thank yous for donating it to help with our next auction. It will be coming up in March and will be running for two weeks. we will be helping Hansel with her vet bills. You are so generous and such a good friend! This is going to be one hot item for the bidding, the mom is going to bid on it too. I know that was a hard decision for the furries to come to but they thought with their hearts on this and came through! Again, thanks!! Good review too.
    Oh, did you know that we have a littler of special Valentine's VSquillions available for adoption? I didn't know if it is too soon after having sweet Crystal leave but you might want to adopt an Angel Crystal in his memory. It only comes in the purple color and not sure if you would like that color for him. We will have at least two more litters of VSquillions before the summer months if yoy want to wait.

  9. I meant if you want to wait. Not if yoy want to wait. &^%%$#%#@@#$% paws!

  10. I really like this necklace. Very lovely. =)


  11. Very nice of you to donate the necklace!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today! Yes, I'm a very, very busy girl. People think I'm a puppy 'cause I act like one. Nope...I'm 9 years old!

  12. Thats very lovely and very lovely of you to donate it.. HUgs GJ xx

  13. That necklace is beautiful!
    And to donate it for a good cause is pawesome!
    You are very nice!
    Kisses and hugs


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