Friday, February 19, 2010

Wakeup and Strong Cat

Well, after about 20 hours of being without water -- not just us but the county -- we finally have water again. Going without water is kind of an Olympic event of it's own. The local radio station was announcing a boil water advisory but Jan couldn't figure out how to boil it if there isn't any available. She did get a small pot of water just before it went off and at one point this morning there was a fast drip and she managed to get a small dishpan of water to half fill the toilet bowl before the tap ran dry again. She wants to take a shower but she's afraid the water will disappear like it did when she soaped her hands this morning and found the drip had dried up.

The Late Night Human Wakeup
We just had to enter Cameron in this Cat-o-lympic event which is being hosted by Tuck.

Fortunately, since photos are hard to come by in the middle of the night, a story is allowed. We could tell the one about Sam leaping on Jan's infected toe in the middle of the night. But we have an old one we'd like to share again. Cameron is a winner in this category as far as we're concerned. Hehehe

Cameron, our Late Night Human AND FURRY Wakeup champion!

This is an excerpt from our August 5, 2005 post, Waking the Dead.

Crystal says, sadly, “Grayce died suddenly and Jan didn’t have a chance to say good-bye. She knows Jenny’s time is short, so Jenny is getting as much attention as Jan can give her. Jenny was always affectionate but independent. She never liked to be held before, but now she’s eating up the extra attention.”

“I thought I would bawl last night when Jan suggested we say good-bye to Jenny because Jenny was going to go to sleep and she probably wouldn’t wake up.”

“You?” Cyndi asks, in surprise. “I never thought of you as the sentimental type, Cotton. Perhaps it was from lack of sleep since none of us got much rest last night, between Jan sitting up with Jenny and Mr. Clatterpuss waking the entire household after we all finally drifted off to sleep.”

“I resent that Mr.Clatterpuss remark!” The voice comes from underneath the bed.

“Come out from there, Cameron,” Percy demands. “What are you doing under the bed?

“Hiding.” Cameron’s head appears from under the bedspread. “I’ve been trying to keep out of Jan’s way. I figure she has enough on her mind with Jenny being so old and tired.” He tilts his head and changes his tune. “Actually, Jan — all of you — should be thanking me that Jenny is still with us today.”

“What?” the group choruses, in unison.

“Have you lost your mind?” Cotton demands.

“No,” Cameron asserts. “But if you remember correctly, Jan told us in the wee hours of the morning that when Jenny went to sleep, it would likely be for the last time; she probably wouldn’t be waking up again.”

“But Jenny is alive. She did wake up again.” Merci shakes her head, in confusion. “What does that have to do with you?”

Cameron looks around at the group. “It has everything to do with me. I’m not any more prepared to say good-bye to Jenny than any of you, so I couldn’t get to sleep when all the rest of you did. I tossed and turned on the counter, until in desperation, I decided to try a relaxed breathing technique I read about in a book. I took a deep breath, stretched, and suddenly there was a deafening clatter! Scared me out of one of my nine lives.”

“That’s because you pushed the dish draining rack off the counter, and all our stainless steel food bowls and Jan’s silverware went bouncing around the kitchen. The noise was loud enough to wake the dead!” Merci reminds him.

“Exactly!” Cameron exclaims. “The noise woke Jan, all of you guys — and Jenny!” He looks around at the blank faces of his friends. “See, Jenny did wake up. She’s not dead. You should all thank me.”

Percy shakes his head, in disbelief. “And you guys think Buddy and I are daft? Cameron, if Jan had caught you last night, you would probably be minus three inches in height and another one of your nine lives. I think you should go back under the bed until your concussion heals.

Strong Cat Competition
We entered Cyndi in this competition which is being held by the Naughty Kitty Club.

Cyndi and the tree she knocked down.

Yep, Cyndi knocked the oak tree in front of our house right off its stump! Jan was upset since that was our shade tree. However, when she saw how rotten the inside of the tree was she calmed down and eventually thanked our hero Cyndi for possibly saving the house.

We'll be back tomorrow with our last entries, starring Rusty and Merci.


  1. Cyndi, knocking a tree down is very impressive.

    Cameron, we thinks you were very sweet to keep everyone awake.~AFSS

  2. So glad to hear that the water is back on. Love the story about Cameron!

  3. What a great story!! That is sure to wake any human up!!

  4. Remind me not to hang out around the trees at your place! Wouldn't want the kitties getting any ideas. ;)

  5. This was a really great story about Cameron. He is a good kitty!

    Well, I hope your water stays on for good!


  6. Maximus Spittimus advises me to inform you that Cameron is a 'dead ringer' for Treasure...who the Two Legs lost a couple of years back. He lived to 19 which wasn't a bad age - Maximus Spittimus thinks 19 is just silly.

    Maximus also advises that although the Two Legs garden has trees he is too frightened of the great outdoors to go out yet.

    (And he has been given the chance...Two Legs say 'Wuss!!'...;-)

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp

  7. Hi Guys - am so sorry I've not come visiting for ages!! Hsin-Yi was away overseas at this Ian Dunbar conference and then when she came back, our Google Reader was on 164 and when it gets like that, she just becomes like an ostrich and tries to hide from it and pretend it isn't there...and now our Google Reader is on 241 - aaaarrrggghh!! So I have forced her to sit down and help me visit some friends otherwise it's going to be the dreaded "Mark all as read" button!!

    Anyway - my God - did Cyndi REALLY knock a tree down??!! Wow! I knew cats are secretly strong & powerful (depsite looking small & dainty) and not to ever mess with them...but I never knew they could push down a tree! Scaaaaaary!

    Honey the Great Dane

  8. Love the story. Does Cyndi know her own strength? She should win a medal for that. Glad your water is on. Have a great weekend.

  9. Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

  10. Knocking down trees? Knocking down trees? We are quite sure that is not what you are supposed to do with trees. But we have to say, we are impressed.

  11. You knocked over a tree?!!? Wow!

  12. The story about Cameron waking Jenny was very sweet, and a little sad, it is hard to lose a dear friend. I think this is the greatest wake-up evah!

  13. I loved the Cameron story, and I'm vary happy yoo have water agin. Being without it suks!


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