Sunday, February 28, 2010

Click N Feed

Our friends The Bumpass Hounds have been asking everyone who doesn't have a favorite shelter entered into the Shelter Challenge at the Animal Rescue Site to please vote for a rescue they are very involved with, the one that saved their newest member, a blind pup they named Radar -- Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary in Capon Bridge, WV.

It's very easy.You're already clicking at the Animal Rescue Site daily to help feed shelter animals, aren't you? Well, then, we hope you will begin as of today! Their link and the links to Feed Hungry Dogs & Feed Hungry Cats are in our sidebar. You can pick up a graphic for your blog at each site. Encourage your friends, relatives and even your enemies to visit each site daily.

At the Animal Rescue Site, as soon as you click the button to feed the shelter animals today --

Look toward the top of the page for the shelter challenge voting button. Click on it.

From the state drop down menu, choose "WV."
At the bottom of the box click "search."

The second shelter listed is AHGRR in Capon Bridge.
Click "vote."
To validate your vote, type in whatever type of animal you see: elephant, cow, dog ......
The Animal Rescue Site
Click on the graphic or click here to go to the Animal Rescue Site.

Now, if you aren't voting for any other shelter/rescue, please vote and help spread the word. The AHGRR can use your vote.

And now that your clicking finger is warmed up, don't forget these fun daily clicks to feed the animals. Each has a daily question but it doesn't matter whether your answer is right or wrong, the animals still "win" -- the food is still donated.

Oh, by the way, our Jan said she feels like a dunce trying to learn how to do things at her age, that it wouldn't be so hard if her brain still had room left for new information. But we figure she still has lots of room to learn and store, her brain just needs a new filing system.

Still, even with her limited knowledge of Photoshop Elements she managed to make us a header for our Zazzle store last night. We really like it. It features Buddy and our Crystal (R.I.P.)when they were both younger. We're so glad Crystal is included since he will always be one of the original Funny Farm. You can see our new header here..

Have a great Sunday!


  1. We loves your header for the store. Going to click now. ~AFSS

  2. WE ALREADY DO THIS!!!! And we can not believe that we are right at the top of your list!! THIS NEVERHAPPENS!! WOO HOO!!! (simple things...) Love A+A

  3. Animal Rescue is a wonderful site=they make it so easy to help an animal everyday!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. yep, we will get down to this as soon as my J's brain is more in gear.

    She was not very well last night, and is still feeling poorly, so will do it all tomorrow when she feels more brainy........(not that she ever is very brainy....but this is another story!)

    Lovely idea and header is good tooooo

    love Marvin xxxx

  5. oh it was so simple, she has managed to do it, plus get a button on my page tooooo, Plus sign up for the email newsletter so we have given more help as a newly registered email.

    thank you for sharing! licks, from Marvin xxxxxxxxx

  6. You can teach the Jan! I like the new header, it looks a lot like the other one (going from the memory which isn't always what it should be).
    I do have the shelter clickie thingie and will come back when the mom has the time to reread and see what she needs to do to vote. She isn't clicking too good today as she is fighting a cold and the cold is winning. Poor mom.

  7. The header is pawesome!
    Jan did a great job!
    Now... I am going to click it!
    Happy Sunday to you all!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Congratulations on getting your header done!

  9. We use The Doggy Nanny's desktop fur The GR's;
    And my laptop fur The Last Resort Reskhue -

    Plus, we do the freekibbledotcom thing too!

    Happy Sunday!


  10. Thanks for the reminder. It's been a while since I clicked the links on my blog even!

  11. Great reminder. We're going to go click now!

    The header looks fantastic, Jan. :)

  12. You did a great job with the pic! Now I'm off to get in my daily clicks - it's after midnight. :)


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