Friday, February 26, 2010

Perfect Pets

A few months ago we posted Rewards of Disabled Pets and Mary A Shafer who wrote the book Almost Perfect about disabled pet and the people who love them.left a comment, "It's so important that we take the time to realize the value of all life, and special needs critters sure do have a way of helping us do just that. We have a whole book about the rewards of sharing your life with a disabled pet:" We intended to check this book out but time got away from us, so we're just now getting to it.

We stopped by her blog today, Almost Perfect Pets. She writes about different species of disabled pets, not just cats and dogs -- including a duck named Sebastian.

We are intrigued by Mary's book but Jan says we're in emergency only spending mode, so she won't let us buy it. But we find the subject intriguing. It does take a special heart to adopt a special needs pet. But we hear each of these animals greatly enrich the life of the owner. That's why we titled this post "Perfect Pets." Each one is just perfect for someone.

We don't know Mary and she has no idea we're posting this. But we figure anyone who devotes a blog and a book to animals with disabilities has to be a kind, loving person. Stop by Almost Perfect Pets and meet some of the animals she posts about..

One of them is Chase. A bad beginning but a happy ending. Ignore the part of the video that asks you to vote for Chase. The voting evidently ended and Chase didn't win but according to the Hope for Paws page, Chase Bank donated $25,000 to Chase. (Hmmm, think it might have anything to do with his name?) So we assume Chase is having or has already had the surgery on his hips so he can be pain free.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Buddy: Jan says Sam and I should chip in to send her toe on vacation, that perhaps a little sand and surf would help it. (We checked the trash for a wine bottle but evidently she was sober.) When we asked how we're supposed to pay for it, since she won't give us an allowance, she said, "Get a job!"

Sam: Since she insists much of the problem is our fault, we're thinking of singing at passersby and passing a hat for donations. Only problem is we don't have a hat, so we'll have to steal .... uh, borrow one of Jan's baseball caps. It shouldn't take long to raise the funds to send her toe on vacation. The rest of her -- well, she'll have to pay her own way.

Don't forget to attend Opus' surprise birthday party for his sister Ollie (Olive). Just click on the graphic at the top of the sidebar to get there. The party will be going on all weekend.


  1. What a sweetie, thanks for sharing that one!

  2. That made me cry ... at first sadness and then because of day three. I so hope Chase got his surgery and lives a great life.

  3. Have a very happy weekend...xxxxxxxxx

  4. my mommeh asked the same questions at first but stopped wondering after a while. many breeders unfortunately sell animals to anybody, without any kind of background check or inspection. she supposes that is what happened to me. she is just glad i am out of there, and home safe with her. thanks for the link to the disabled animals blog - very interesting to see and read.

  5. awww that brought tears to my eyes. My kitties are purring for Chase. Bless the person who rescued Chase. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. We really hope Chase got the surgery and is living a happy life...Hope your toe heals up soon!...Have a great weekend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. It does sound like an interesting book. The woman is unlikely to read it as she gets upset by stories like that and avoids them now for her mental health. We are glad that there is someone out there advocating for the disabled pets.

  8. Aww - that made the Lady all leaky eyed. We're so glad little Chase got medical care and love!

  9. Thanks fur sharing this Jan. I don't know if i should feel encouraged that one little guy made it, or sad that so many don't.
    We beans have such potential for empathy and love, yet so often we let things get in the way to reaching our greatest state of being. But how could anyone possibly take it out on a small creature whose inate trust is boundless?

  10. Ok, we couldn't watch the video because of the fact that so many mention it making them cry, and our mom just can't handle more crying right now. But we are very excited to hear about the blog about the animals - we are going to be sure to check it out!!

  11. Leaky eyed again...

    Or is that still?


  12. Mommy is going to see if she can get the book from the library.

    We hopes Jan's toe is better. We has an idea maybe you guys can get two pails fill one full of sand and a few shells and fill the other full of water. One of you doggies can beat the water with your tail to make surf. Then Jan will have sand & surf for her toe and you will still have Jan there to feed you and stuff. ~AFSS

  13. Purring and praying that Chase got that surgery. we're going to check out the blog, and see if we can get that book at the library. :)

  14. Thanks for your write-up about the disabled pets book.
    Since I am disabled myself, you are like a ray of Sunshine!

    So, come and get your SUNSHINE!!

  15. Thank you. Chase reminds me of my old friend, Muffin, who I met in a shelter after she had been abused by a human for several years. Muffin came home with me and was my best friend for many, many years.

  16. Hey Gang,
    That's a very inspirational video. Our late, graet, Old Bear Dog had been abused prior to mom and dad adopting him. Evidently a woman had been mean to OBD because whenever mom was around he'd go to a corner and lay down facing the wall. He was fine with dad after just a day or two but it took a long time for mom to win his trust. Then they were GReat friends and they would even have long conversations together; OBD was a talker. Even our late, GReat Chance had baggage when he was adopted; he'd been neglected socially but not abused. He had to learn all about interaction with pother pets and people. Dedicated attention and lots of love can work wonders in many of the cases like Chase's. Thank you for sharing this with us. Dad wants to know if y'all mind us posting it on our blog too.
    Let's be leaving Jan's toe alone for a while. If she breaks it you'll need to call a toe truck! (Ha-ha-ha--ha; we just crack ourselves up.)
    - TBH&K

  17. Praying that Chase received that important surgery. He's one very special dog.

  18. Well, Jan, Mary finally DID read this post and knows you wrote it. And is so grateful that you mentioned her book and her blog that she sent you a copy. She hopes you like it and will let everyone know, because a quarter from every book sold goes to a no-kill animal shelter run by one of the book's essayists. If anyone wants to buy "Almost Perfect," they can get it here:

    Thanks again!


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