Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Human Angels

Two months ago we posted this photo of our new 10'x10'x6' dog pen provided by Matthew, project manager of the mill restoration project. (You can read that post here.) At first we weren't sure what to do in it since we hadn't been off leash in over 3 years.

As some of you know, Jan hurt her toe last month -- it wasn't our fault, no matter what she says! -- and she has been wearing huge slippers on our walks, yelling at us not to come near her the whole time. Geeze, you'd think we were going to leap on her feet or something. The worst walks were when it was cold and rainy. Her feet got wet if she didn't wear regular shoes which made her harder for us to walk and she'd complain even more.

So Monday she decided she would open up the front panel of the pen and move it toward the house so she could just open the back door and we could fend for ourselves. Only she figured if she did, it would fall down and she'd have to hike the city looking for us. So she emailed Matthew to ask what to do to anchor it. Evidently Matthew has heard of Jan's prowess with tools. He immediately responded, "No! Wait, and we'll take care of it for you Friday." Jan didn't mention any of this to us, so we were unaware of what was coming.

This week a donated 10'x10'x6'pen became available through our friend Kay at the Humane Society. So all week Jan has waited expectantly for Friday (that's today, as we write this) when the two pens would be joined together. And then last night's weather report: our first SNOW of the winter! Possibly beginning overnight. Jan was nervous but hopeful. If the second pen couldn't be picked up today, the large pen couldn't be set up. We would have to walk her in the snow and she is rambunctious. Oh, wait, that's us. She's the dawdler who manages to fall without any help.

But this morning Matthew, Drew and Audoro went to work combining the fences, while Kay and Jan watched, then headed to Home Depot to buy metal poles. It was snowing when they returned with 2 more poles for added stability. Jan says she wasn't sure who was the most excited about this project. Well, duh, that's an easy one.


Wow, were we surprised when Jan finally opened the door and let us outside on our own for the very first time here. We ran, we barked, we wrestled, we dug, we tugged on our toy.

Here are the guys moving the original dog pen.

Every dog needs a good tug of war friend.

Checking out the larger space.

Before long it looked like this in our pen. And guess what? We then refused to go outside without Jan. Does she think we're stupid? It's cold and wet out here. Jan refused to go outside at all.

This is from the front porch before sundown. It's still snowing A lot of you are already piled with snow and expecting more, but this is our first snowfall of the winter and we're not accustomed to it. And more snow is expected. Brrrrr.

Here are our hardworking human angels -- Kay is not pictured -- Drew, Matthew & Audoro.

Many thanks to all of them, including the donor of the second dog pen. It's really an answer to Jan's prayer for us to have a place to exercise and have fun. And Brick Butt (that's Sam, in case you've never been knocked down by him flying backwards into you) needs a lot of stretching room when he starts running in circles.

But, Jan, in case you think you're going to get to laze about now, our human training books say humans must be exercised daily. So heal that toe and lose those slippers because after the snow melts you will be back to hoofing it before you forget everything we've taught you.

And just for the record, we did finally go outside a couple of times tonight to run and sniff and .... well, you know.

(s) Buddy, Merci & Sam


  1. Those angels really made some woofies very, very happy!

  2. This is beyond purrrfect for your place! That is one large pen now with plenty of running room for all your doggies. They must be so happy. It will be so much nicer to put them outside and they can play and run without your poor hurt toe having to brave the elements of this winter's strange weather. You can keep an eye on them and they can run and do the silly things that the doggies like to do on a walk. How nice to have human angels.
    Be on the lookout as your Angel Crystal VSquillion is soon on the way!

  3. That was so sweet of those humans! Now you get to roam outside!

  4. What a wonderful thing it is, to have a new fenced yard! Everyone needs a place to run and play.
    I'm so happy for you :)

    Emma Rose

  5. Oh, we are so happy for all of you!!!!! It is great that Jan doesn't have to be walked in this weather. You need to take better care of her guys. We agree that once Jan's toe(s) are healed and the weather is nice you can start exercising her again. But until then give her a break (bad pun), and stay off her toe(s). ~AFSS

  6. That's fantastic! It must be great to have a place to run around and have fun together. We hope Jan's toe feels better soon.

  7. wow, you are so lucky to have those nice men come to help out. Now get out in that snow and enjoy it!!! If not, send it to us.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  8. How great! It's just like our cat yard (but you don't have the catnip). Enjoy your pen!

  9. Wonderful! I'm glad you have a place to run around and be safe. We got over 6 inches of snow in Sc and it was our first!

  10. That is a wonderful pen=you guys look like you're having a wonderful time!...You're lucky to have such great friends...Cuddle up together and stay warm!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. That's really nice of them to come and get you an outdoor spot. I wouldn't go out in the snow either but the Woman loves it and is wishing for some. We have had none--hardly any even in our mountains which means we could be in for a drought this year.

  12. Wow!
    Yes! They are Human Angels!
    Sure you are enjoying it a lot!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. That looks like a very nice place to play! Have fun!

  14. Yez. I tonkz dat dat be a bery, bery niice plaze to playz!

  15. How GREAT!!!! Looks like a ton of space to PLAY! And, snow times too!!
    Have fun pals, and Happy Valentine's Day!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  16. Oh this brings tears of joy to my eyes. And your human angels are the bestest!
    Bless them.

  17. Glad to see you all having fun in your new big pen!!

    Angels iz goods to have!
    How is the snow??

    Stay warm n stuffoms den whn dat snow goez bye bye you kin play in dehr agin!!!

    We iz purrin fur Jan's Toe...we fink it shood stay inda house wifs hur and not get all wet no morh.

    Mom waz wonderin ifns u cood tell hur howta puts up a chip in fing.

    We not sure if our vetties has still gots our bill or if dey sent it to a collector. Mom iz gonna get brave and make a fone call ifns peeple kin chip in a bitz den we kin start makin paymints to da vettiez bill.

    Thanks! n Purrz n stuffs
    Katie Too

  18. How pawesome!

    A place to run



    PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur sharing those handsome angels!

  19. That is just wonderful....your own romper room outdoors!

  20. w0w, what a nice, mamas problem wiff bear, iz he wood dig under the pen and end up having to be chased to town..

    b safe,

  21. WOW!! That place is sooooo cool!! You guys are WICKED lucky( as we say here in Massachewsitts) WE wish we had that....Boy could we have some fun in there......You are very lucky to have such wonderfull angels!! love A+A

  22. Those mens very nice to help build your fense. And Kay too fo helping you gets the posts. Is a very cool fense- has fun wolfies!

  23. That is a wonderful pen to get some fresh air and exercise in.

  24. Don't you just love angels, they always show up when you need them. It looks like a big pen with plenty of room for all of you. I hope you enjoy it and stay inside when it;s snowing.

  25. Thats a BIG cage. We could even stand that iffen it meant we could go outside again. Neat!

  26. What wonderful people to help you and Jan out! That is a great dog run!

  27. Those are very nice humans! We are glad they helped! What a great place to play in!

    We hopes that Jan's toe heals up soon!

  28. Wishing you a Valentine's Day filled with cuddles, sun-puddles and the tender touch of those you love.

  29. Angels are so impawtant ~ they help so many. How wonderful these Angels helped yoo.

    There is a speshull message for yoo on our blog today, if yoo have time to pop over.


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