Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breakaway Collars Save Lives

Deetz added our Crystal to his In Loving Memory slideshow. Crystal is in such good company there, including Deetz's two brothers Gizmo and Sharkie.

As many of you are aware, Deetz's brother Sharkie died recently after their collars became tangled during their play. We wanted to post this earlier, but we decided to wait a bit out of respect for Sharkie's family and to heal a little from our own loss four days earlier.

We were surprised when we started reading the comments on Sharkie's post. We had never heard of this happening before but it is evidently more common than we would have thought. Each year thousands of dogs are injured or choked to death due to dog collar accidents. That frightens Jan. It undoubtedly does you too.We dogs love to wrestle and even little Merci wrestles hearty with Sam. It never occurred to Jan that this could be so dangerous. She now wonders whether this is what happened to our 3 rabies tags. (See Ban Bell Tags.) The one Merci is wearing now is round instead of bell-shaped. She is so glad they changed the shape.

We found this video on the dangers of regular collars. This does not show the type of accident that happened to Deetz and Sharkie. In this video, one dog grabs the other by the collar to drag it around in play, demonstrating the potential for a dog to get his jaw caught in a collar and be unable to get loose. (Don't worry, this doesn't happen in the video.)

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Jan was unaware breakaway collars were sold for dogs, although she used to buy them for her cats. She said if she had the funds we would all be wearing a breakaway collar! But we'll have to wait. However, we hope you will do a little research and purchase one for each of your dogs and cats.

The leash attaches to two rings, one on either side of the buckle so the collar is secure while you walk the dog. But when the dog is not on a leash, if pressure is applied, the safety buckle releases. It can be easily snapped back together again. Wearing one of these could save your pet from serious injury or death.

Graphic by KC of the Cat Blogosphere

If you have not visited Deetz's blog yet, perhaps you would like to stop by and leave a comment on Sharkie's page. It would encourage his mom. We don't think she would mind if we share this comment from her, I am at peace now with Sharkie, even though I miss that little guy so bad. So many bloggers became aware of this danger and have made changes or are taking precautions to assure it does not happen to their animals. So, something good came out of his passing! For that I am blessed.

You can read Sharkie's post. His mom does not want any of us to lose a beloved pet. It is too painful.

And Sharkie's memorial post.

(s) Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam


  1. We are very sad about Sharkie and will research collars. ~AFSS

  2. We hope everyone with woofies reads this and takes it to heart.

  3. Sharkie's passing was so sad, just a very bad accident. We have heard of those breakaway collars too, maybe we need to paw at Mom to get us some too.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  4. How very sad!...So good of you to put the information out there about the collars.

  5. That was so sad about Sharkie's passing. Good to know about those collars. Mom will tell her mom about them. They have 2 woofies.

  6. Jan & Gang
    I am writing this with tears in my eyes not for sadness, but for joy..... Because of this tragedy so many others can be informed and try to prevent this from happening to one of their loved ones. Thank you for writing this and sharing my words. Bravo! Beautifully written and it will save lives and for that I send you the biggest of cyber hugs! I hope that everyone will share your post on their blogs and get the word out to as many as can possibly be reached. If anyone can get the word out, I know it is my blogger friends.
    Thank you my friend for this post.
    Deetz's mum

  7. It is very sad to read about Sharkie. What a shock to his mom. I can't even remember what collars we put on the dog we had--they are long dead but we are probably lucky it never happened, considering how mean our little dog was!

  8. Thank you for sharing this news, I had no idea. I will go spread awareness of this!

  9. Incredible story, and we were not aware of these collar dangers. Thank you for posting this.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  10. So, so sad! Thank you for sharing the information that can save lives.

  11. Maximus Spittimus has asked me to say that none of the cats in the Four Dinners household have ever worn collars.

    Back when Four Dinners was young...a long long long (ad infintum) time ago...he had a ginger boy called Pythagoras.

    Pythagoras was hit by a car. He was found in an alleyway injured.

    Not only was his back leg broken but the impact had pushed one of his front paws under his collar.

    He was trying to crawl home on one back leg and one front leg.

    He survived and lived to be 22 - which is a very good age.

    Since then, Four Dinners would not put a collar on an animal for any reason.

    End of.

    Best Regards

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp

  12. Many years ago I was keeping my parents two beagles. On got her front leg through the others leather collar. I has a real time trying to get them apart. They were growling, biting and fighting trying to get apart.

  13. Thanks fur posting this -

    I've been aware of other furiends that had khlose khalls due to their khollars -


  14. Poor little Sharkie, very sad.

    Great idea to blog and get the message out. Haven't seen those collars here but I'm sending Mom out for a good look.

    Wiry wags Eric x

  15. I had no idea that was the cause - but I have not visited in days. Will do so.

    Our dogs go naked unless they are being leash walked for the same reason. Better safe than sorry...

  16. Sure is sad what happened to Sharkie.
    I know those collars are great but we can't find them here.
    My family is always watching me but if they need to leave me alone at home, they take away my collar while they are out!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. How terrible that poor little Sharkie lost his life. At least his tragic death may save others.

    Jan, we heard you had a poorly toe ~ we so hope you fel better soon.


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