Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dr. Buddy Prepares for Surgery

Jan left this comment on The Meezers blog: Hey, Meezers the Mom, Freckles and Deb suggested I ask you if you are aware Sammy & Miles told Buddy they are sending Billy over for brain surgery? They even offered to sign the pre-surgery forms since Billy is underage. Buddy is sharpening his scalpel. Is this okay with you?

The Meezers: Deer Jan and Buddy, I is aware that Sammy the great and Miles the wonderful haf signed Billy the weerd up for brain surjery. I am hopeing that Buddy can find out what is wrong wif him. Sin-seer-lee, MeezerMomMerry

Jan: Uh, the Meezer Mom, this is Jan again. I received your permission for Buddy to operate on Billy's brain but I'm a little suspicious. The spelling looks more like Sammy and Miles' pawwriting. Did they intercept my message and "give permission" or are you actually in agreement?

The Meezers: Deer Jan, Hmm, we needs to improve our spelling it seems. Our the mom is a little "tied up" right now, but when we ungagged her, errrr, ran in and hollered "Buddy wants to operate on Billy's brain" she said "ok dears, whatever you want is ok with me". So that should give you her approval. Billy is 'acited about it too! um, will the surjery make him SMARTER?

Percy: Okay, now that Billy's mom has given permission for Billy's surgery, Jan has reluctantly given Buddy ... er, Dr. Buddy back his scalpel and her permission to operate.

Dr. Buddy: I am very much looking forward to this. Sammy & Miles Meezer have signed the consent forms and they will send Billy over as soon as he has finished annoying his The Mom for the day. He's too excited to concentrate on counting backwards to go under an anesthetic at the moment. I do, however, have some rather bad news for the Meezers. I doubt very much if this operation will make Billy smarter. It is, after all, only exploratory. Perhaps more protein in his diet would be of benefit.

Percy: I have volunteered to knock out ... uh, put under the patient.

Cyndi: Dr. Buddy has drafted me as his operating assistant nurse. Buddy, are you absolutely positive I won't pass out at the sight of blood? I've never seen a friend cut open before. Anyway, isn't looking at a guy's brain kind of intimate? And I'm not sure it would help Billy any if I fall over onto the operating table while he's unconscious. Wouldn't that contaminate the field?

Dr. Buddy: Don't worry about it, Cyndi. If you pass out, just make sure you fall backwards over Sam instead of forwards over the patient. Cotton will step forward and take your place. There is one main rule in my operating room --- NO SHEDDING! Any cat or dog caught shedding will be banned for life. Or at least until I need your help again. And with that said, I do believe we'll be ready for the patient when he arrives tomorrow.

Merci: I don't know, Buddy I still think this is a bad idea. You have a history of bright ideas that morphed into broken water mains. I think I'll volunteer to help with the operation too. I'll hold the phone so it's handy to dial 9-1-1.


  1. I guess that bans me from the operating theatre!


  2. We are still a little worried, but we will stand by and hold our breath and cross our fingers and paws and Freckles will also cross her ears (Deb is unable to cross her ears, but she promises to try to cross her eyes instead.)
    Good luck!
    Break a leg -- oh, wait, that's for the theatre. Forget we said that.
    Just Good Luck then...
    Freckles and Deb

  3. Ahhhh Jan we thinks the Meezer Mom gave permission under duress. You had best take the scalpel away again.

    Merci we are relived you are ready to paw 911. We thinks that might be the only part that goes without a hitch.

    ~S,S,C & F

  4. Operations? Scalpels? Brain surgery? We're outa here!

    Oh, but before we go, we LOVE your Chrismouse header!

  5. The you all sure seems to know how to work as a team. But...ummm...we are a little worried about Miles little brain. If you end up taking it out to wash it, be sure to put it back the right way and hook it up again. Ok?

  6. Hey Milo and Alfie - hold that door open...we're right behind you!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. Hmm... from what I've heard from Miles and Sammy, I am not sure Billy has a brain so this shouldn't be a problem at all...

  8. If operations make one smarter we should operate on all humans.

  9. Oh no that sounds far too scary for me.. dont do it dont do it. Hugs GJ x

  10. Oh-oh!
    Let me know how it goes, ok?
    Kisses and hugs

  11. I am sure that Dr. Buddy is a great surgeon but I must ask to see his medical license and the certificate of graduation from whatever medical school he attended. I am not questioning Buddy's fine skills but trying to keep him from the possibility of a lawsuit if things don't go right.

  12. Brain surgery is scary - we sure hope Buddy has a steady paw.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  13. Wow. This is better than old reruns of Marcus Welby, MD!
    Play bows,

  14. I dunno about this brain surgery thing, Buddy. I think Sammy's brains are a high risk first case....

    Though splinters... Maybe you could come over and snoopervise the next time our OTW gets one and the Big One isn't here to pull it out. She always faints when she tries to take them out herself, and she could use a bigger colder wetter nose in the face to wake her back up.

    PS. the book is actually the OTW's. She says she'd going to pull legs on it and make it a table!

  15. Gee, that little shedding restriction kinda takes all of us out of the running except MAYBE for Abby on a non windy day. But the other nine of us can quite hack holding on yo our hair. Does Dr. Buddy do these surgerys very often?
    - TBH&K

  16. I'd say you have everything ready, Dr. Buddy. But, where's the patient.


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