Thursday, December 03, 2009

Revenge of the Old Lady

We have been wondering what will happen to Jan now that she's old and slow and grumpy. We found our answer at YouTube. We'll have to bail her out of jail.

Whatever you do, don't mess with Jan either! She might fall asleep standing on the curb but her reflexes work just fine. Once you wake her up.

Have fun.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Percy: And speaking of Jan, can anyone point us to a simple explanation of layers in photoshop or any other photo editor? We said "simple." We need to understand it so we can explain it to Jan. When she made a design a while back, the design looked fine in the viewer but the dots in the "see through" area printed out on the printer. Ruins the design if you don't want it to print. Dots, dots, go away. Jan is confused enough and we need to straighten her out ASAP.

Buddy: This photoshop program is harder to learn than medicine. I breezed through medical school when Jan had the splinter under her nail. (Miss it? Click here.) By the way, does anyone reading this need brain surgery? I can't seem to find a volunteer.


  1. Today the Woman found that someone had vomited up something that looked like toilet paper. She is thinking about calling your human to blame that all on me. I just want to say: I did not eat all nine rolls of your toilet paper!!!!

  2. If Jan is anything like the lady in the video, I swear I will never mess with her. Come to think of it, I don't think I'm going to mess with my mom either. She's getting old and cranky too. She says it's something called pre-manopaws or something. But I always thought she was a woman. I'm confused.

    Mama says try Photoflexer; it's easy. Even she can do it.


  3. Sorry, we aren't of any help!

    We don't do much to our pikhs - evFURRY now and then we add text or change the kholour skhheme - but that is it!


  4. Oh wow. . . my AAB saw your video and says she can't wait to be old enough to get away with stuff like that! I'm afraid I'm no help with Photoshop. My expertise stops with Publisher (and that was pretty hard to teach to the AAB, come to think of it).

  5. Haha! That was funny. It's no good asking our mum anything about photos cuz she doesn't have a clue about things like that.

  6. Buddy, sorry it has taken so long to make it by. We thinks you are innocent too. We knows Not Me frames young boy beans so we thinks Not Me probably frames doggies too. Are you sure Jan didn't eat them. Our Mommy forgets things and could possibly eat 9 rolls and forget about it.

    As for the Model T, we thinks they are cool. We have seen some at Cruising the Coast. They have lots of ancient cars there. And this is funny. Mommy's human uncle was named after a car, his name is Edsel.

    We don't think you should call Jan, Old Slow and Grumpy remember she feeds you. She is Young, Efficient and Glamourous. It might even get you some treats.

    We can't figure out layers either, and nobody around here needs brain surgery. ~S,S,C & F

  7. That is so funny.. Cant help with the photoshop cause mum is useless.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Buddy, our bean uses PaintShopPro and it's much easier to learn than that PhotoShop and seems to do most everything that PS does. xxxxxxxxx

  9. hahahahaha.

    we aren't much help in photoshop, other to say that when you have layers, go over to the right side of the screen where all the layers are shown and right click them and choose "merge down" or something like that. Keep doing it until you have one layer there.

    Oh, and Billy requires brain surgery. we will send him right over.

  10. That video was hilarious. Our Mom is old enough and sometimes grouchy enough to do just that. Sorry, Mom, we really hope you don't see that.

    Photoshop is impossible. Mom has been trying to find time to sign up for a hands-on class.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  11. We are so worried mom is going to embarrass us when she's old. She'll probably wear striped & checks together or something like that!

  12. Photoshop confooes The Big Thing, too. He keeps sayin he is gonna sit down one day and figure it out, but he always finds somethin else ta do...

  13. I know my mom would be able to do that!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Hi Jan - I am a graphic designer. My kitties think they know more than me when it comes to Photoshop & insist on walking across the keyboard to prove it, but I would love to help you if I can!


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