Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Christmas Surprise

Merci: We're happy to report, the surprise Jan told us was going to arrive today is here. And it wasn't cleaning supplies, so sorry, cats, but we can't share with you.

Sam: But first, a little background. Do you remember our post on the two Chihuahuas that were dumped outside the mill gates last summer? (You can read it here.) That was when we first met Drew who supervises the crew working at the mill. Later we met Matthew, the project manager. Those guys aren't afraid of us. They think we're neat, even though Jan claims we're overenthusiastic and ill-behaved around other humans.

Buddy: Well, Matthew and Drew came by yesterday to let Jan know they were sending us a Christmas surprise. They talked outside so we didn't get to eavesdrop, but Jan says they were grinning from ear to ear, really happy about their news.

Merci: And today it was our turn to grin. Because look what arrived! An exercise pen for the three of us. Here is the nice man who delivered the pen putting it together.

Buddy: After he left, Jan took us outside and let us loose. We did a little sniffing.

Sam: And a little teasing.

Sam: And I kicked up my heels. Banged my rump on the fencing a few times, but what wondrous freedom.

Merci: Some more sniffing. Even a little pecan chewing.

Sam: I started to dig a hole but Jan stopped me. Just wait till she isn't around!

Sam: I got it, I got it, the tug rope is mine!

Buddy: Give me that, I'm in charge here.

Merci: Listen, guys, you had your turn. It's mine now!

Buddy: Okay, Jan, we're done for now. You can let us out now. Jan, Jaaaaaaaan! Put the camera away and let us out of here! I have to pee.

Merci: These nice guys were going to make us a pen from scrap at the mill but they're so busy with the reclamation project they sent us a new one instead. Thank you, Matthew & Drew! We really appreciate this pen.

Buddy: Yes, we do. And to return the favor, if you need any help dismantling the mill building, just call us and we'll bring Jan right over. She's an expert at knocking things down and breaking them.


  1. That is a wonderful surprise and Christmas gift.

  2. Woo are really tough on that Jan purrrrson/person!


  3. You have the biggest Christmas gift I have ever seen.. Jan is so thoughtful...aren't you lucky!!

  4. What a wonderful surprise - looks like you will all be having some great fun. Thanks to those two very nice guys.

    Woos, Thunder and Phantom

  5. Wow!! We are impressed! What a nice surprise.
    ~ Anna Sue

  6. That exercise pen looks great! You shouldn't have started digging the hole while Jan was watching though - we think she's warned now.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  7. Congratulations!!!!! This is wonderful! :)

  8. I think that's a very nice pen for you!

  9. What a thoughtful Jan you have.

    Misty the alpha Poodle

  10. Wow! That sure is one nice surprise that you all got at your place today. I was afraid that you were going to the vet or something. I am thinking too that your pen might come in handy to put Jan in there once and awhile, that would give all of you complete freedom of the house. But I bet you already thought of that.

  11. That is such a nice and generous surprise! We are so excited that you woofies have such a nice exercise pen.

  12. That is a pawesome surprise!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. OMG- your very own exercise pen! How lucky can you get? You've gotta throw a party in there!

  14. Hi Jan and poodle heads, What a COOL AWESOME surprise you guys got, Holy cow!

    Mom of course, loved all the pictures.

    We miss you guys so much lately and are very sorry we havents stopped by as often as usual, but wiht Mom being on unemployment and looking for jobs and interviewing and all that jazz, plus she's been REALLY sick for the past 3-4 weeks.

    Anyways, we think of you often and hope you will still come and visit us from time to time.

    PS-- Its not too late to enter the Dec doggie photo contest. Winners get tons of cool new holiday themeed toys and treats in one of three $50 prize pcks.

    Okay, well stop talking now.

    We miss you and love you lots@!

    Wags, barks, kisses, licks, purrs,
    Benson, Gibson, Sasha and Theodore
    (and Jaime, the human of course)

  15. Oh, what a nice surprise for you doggies. We are very happy for you. ~S,S & F

  16. Its allus nice ta get outside sometimes. Just imagine how much bigger it would seem if you were lots smaller!


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