Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Life's Railway

Rusty: We just realized we are posting an appropriate song for today. Life really is a train ride. And we must be riding in front of the engine. We can clearly hear the engine throbbing. Or perhaps that pulsing noise in our ears is left from Jan's loud screech, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, and a word Jan says is on our bad word list. (So how come it isn't on hers?)

Crystal: We'd like to forgive her because we know she had a bad day. She never even changed out of her wet shoes and socks until bedtime. She just sat at the computer and concentrated on redoing designs. She discovered Zazzle has two different PPIs listed and she was using the lower one. So she had to redo everything she's done so far. And then .... she got confused for a moment, clicked the wrong button, and two and a half hours of work went POOF and disappeared. That's when Jan screeched and we all ran around bumping into each other in absolute terror. We thought there was a fire or something life-threatening was happening. But no, it was just Jan having a seizure moment.

Buddy, to the typist: Psst, Percy, I think you mean a senior moment.

Percy: Well, whatever. The good part was we couldn't hear ourselves complain about our dinner being late. Very late.

Cyndi: We hope Jan will get her act together tomorrow and not accidentally asphyxiate a space heater's pilot light again. She might not have noticed, seeing as how she was dressed for the Antarctic, but it was cold in here while we waited for a neighbor to come by and relight it. She could have at least offered us a hot toddy or something warm.

Merci: Oh, and Jan says we dogs are getting a surprise tomorrow.

Cotton: Wait a minute, you dogs... What about us cats?

Sam: We don't know what it is. But if it's edible, we keep it. If it's cleaning supplies, you cats can share them.

Cameron: While we recuperate from today's mishaps, we will leave you with something upbeat. To read the poem "Train of Life" and listen to Patsy Cline and Willy Nelson sing "Life's Railway to Heaven," click here.


  1. Maybe woo should ofFUR her some Good N Plenty Good N Plenty



  2. We gaved you an award. You all gotta share it!
    Mama Carol

  3. Oh man, we are so sorry to hear about all that hard work going poof! Our mom learned Zazzle through a lot of trail and error. She said Cafe Press was even more error and she's still learning it.

  4. Oh dear. There is nothing worse than lots of hard work going Poof!

  5. Things like that happen around here fairly often. We hope it all goes better today!
    Tail wags,

  6. I hate when I do something like that! Usually I have to go off and do something else for several hours before I can think about redoing the work that was lost.

  7. Poor Jan for sure. Now I want all of you at your place to give her a break, she is working really hard on things. I am thinking are the doggies going to the vet? Watch out! Be on guard.
    Been working at the CB VSquillion all day and saw that you stopped by. I need to know how you want to have the name for the adopter. I am guessing Jan's FF, or Jan's Funny Farm. Anyway let me know.

  8. Hate to break it to y'all, but we have stuff like that happening all the time. Our 2 Masters degreed dad can't figure out Photp Shop Elements 7 so our Christmas Card isn't done yet. Maybe y'all will be getting New Years cards or Valentines Day Cards.
    - TBH&K

  9. Mom says that she hate computers sometimes! She has pushed the wrong button many times!

  10. Computers can be SO EVIL!

    We try ta stay simple on it... Like, we dont efen know what zazzle is...

    The Big Thing has a pattern. When things on the computer go wrong, he yells, then goes back ta start over.

    Apparently, yellin is good fer Big Things. Like hissin is for us.

    We hope it gets all fixed.

  11. We have no idea what all that design verbiage means but we are sure it was not a good thing for Jan.

    Great song, great message.

    Woos, Thunder and Phantom


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