Monday, December 07, 2009

Comments on Billy' Sweetfeets

Yesterday's post on Billy's Brain Surgery brought some interesting comments. We're still exhausted so we're just going to share some of them with you today.

Eric & Flynn left a message on The Meezer's blog: We googled green spots in the brain and it appears that Billy has been taken over by aliens!

We left a comment at the Meezer's too: Hey, guys, we're relieved to read Eric & Flynn's comment above. So that's what happened to Billy's brain. We're glad you enjoyed the surgical experience, Billy. Or at least most of it. We hope your head isn't too sore today. Miles & Sammy, we hope you are happy your little brother is home safe and sound. Buddy turned out to be a very competent surgeon. Much more competent than when he tried plumbing. (You can read about that at The BMP Plumbing Service.) Billy's The Mom Lady, we know you are taking good care of Billy's booboo. Thanks again for your permission. (s) Dr. Buddy & the rest of the FF

Annie, Mollie & Gyp think the green dots are smart pills Billy takes to fool people.

Freckles & Deb wonder if those green spots give him his great dancing talent which only shows up on Tuesdays.

Khyra regrets not being there for the surgery. Her excessive shedding in the operating room wouldn't have been a problem. And perhaps she could have taken Cyndi's place while she was unconscious.

Sweet Asta was so overcome by the scary saga she fainted several times while reading it.

MissBreezyBox believes the spots might be M&Ms he ate.

The Meezers disagree over whether those green spots are the jelly beans Miles tried to shove in Billy's ears or they are mold and Billy needs to see a brainwashing specialist for a brain bleach.

Dr. Buddy will always treasure Billy's comment: huh, maybe that's why ME always sees green spots. ME hadded fun!! well, exsept the head smashing and the bleeding. and the staple gun. but ofur than that ME hadded a good time.

The general consensus seems to be that everyone loves Billy Sweetfeets just as he is. And we agree.

Dr. Buddy: I am so glad you had a good time, Billy. And I appreciate you and your family allowing me to do exploratory surgery on Billy. It was my first operation and I know all my friends and family expected me to fail. But I succeeded. Even in the midst of chaos -- Cyndi barfing on me, Percy mistaking the operating table for a litter box in his shock at the sight of spurting blood, Crystal supplying coffee filters instead of cotton -- I am finally vindicated as the Funny Farm klutz. I have found my niche. The only question now is ..... who will be my next patient?

Jan finally got one photo partly done in PhotoShop Elements yesterday. And then she discovered there is no text editor so she couldn't finish it. So she was not a happy "creator" yesterday. So again we just didn't get to visit.

We borrowed this photo from the Cat Blogosphere. Thanks.

Except we did try to stop by Alasandra & the Cats & Dog blog after Jan saw Khyra's comment on Facebook that Charbydis had died. It was a shock to all of us. Their butterfly wouldn't even let us read the post. For some reason it often locks up our browser. Jan was beating the mouse on the desk in frustration. But Khyra sent us a copy of the post. There is a special blog set up to leave photos, and/or memories of Charbydis. There are no other details. Whatever happened, it was evidently sudden and unexpected. We send warm purrs and tail wags to our good friends Socks, Scylla, Fenris and their family.


  1. Tank woo fur the post surgery follow up story!

    I'll try to skhrub in fur the next one -

    Seriously now: we were shokhked about Fenris's sweet sisfur - have inkhluded a link on my blog fur today as well -

    Too much sadness in the past week - Tori, Lexi-Lou, Cookie, and now Charbydis

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. We think the green stuff in Billy's brain might be alges. We heard they grow in places that arent very active.

    But separately, we were very sad to learn about Carybdis (and others). December seems to be hard on us kitties. Skeeter and several others went last year, too. :(

  3. We are glad Billy had fun because we enjoyed reading all about his operation.
    We didn't know that Charbydis had gone to the Bridge. We will go straight over with our condolences.

  4. Furry funny comments!

    Oh my goodness! Mom took a FB break this weekend and didn't know about Charbydis. How very sad. Our thoughts and purrayer are with her family and furiends.

  5. The surgery was way too much to even think about. Glad it is over and all is well.
    I am so saddened by Charybdis. No words there. She was so young and will be missed by all. I did go over today and could get in to leave comment and also went to memorial blog and left a photo with a message. Thanks for letting me know. My heart is heavy with this sad news.

  6. Oh dear. We did not even know about Charbydis..

  7. hey guys, ME loves all of you too! - Billy

    we are very very sad about Charbydis

  8. We were so sad to read about poor Charybdis. Too many of our furiends are not having a good month.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  9. glad to knoh Billy is gonna be just fine wifout hims green spots...

    sad about Charybdis. her was a purrtee gurl

    mom says hur looked like Marbles, a calico kitty mom used to have bout 16 years ago. hur is over the bridge now...

  10. I loved the story. I also was so shocked to read about Charbydis and wondered how things could change so quickly. JUst awful.. Feel for the family so much.. Hugs GJ x

  11. Sounds like I missed an exciting time!
    Sorry about your friend passing over. :(

    Yes, Fizz really be my brother, he found me and told me cos his Mum had read my blog before getting him. We has the same Dad.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  12. Ha ha what thought provoking comments! Loved the post about Billy's surgery. Dr Buddy is quite competent and I agree with his initial assessment that it might be the result of all the catnip...

    Thanks for dropping by my blog too. Hope all has been going well with all of you. Have a pawesome week :)

  13. Thanks for letting us know the rest of the story about Billy.

    We were so sad when we heard about Charbydis.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids


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