Friday, December 04, 2009

Balecti on Russia's Got Talent

Hey, furries, today's post is for your humans. Go round them up, then watch them smile and go, awwwww, as they watch this video. Furries and kids have that effect on most of them.And you might even reap a belly rub or a special treat for sharing this cute video with them.

These kids are young and talented. The video is titled "Baletaci on Russia's Got Talent." We can't find out what Baletaci means, or even verify that it actually is from Russia. But who cares? Just enjoy their performance.

If the video doesn't play for you, click here.

Dr. Buddy has some very good news. The Meezers left a comment on yesterday's post, the one where Buddy asked for volunteers needing brain surgery. He has to keep up his medical skills, you know. Well, the Meezer brothers, Miles & Sammy, said their brother Billy Sweetfeets needs brain surgery and they were sending him right over.

Buddy can't wait to do his first major surgery. Billy is too young to sign the pre-surgical forms, but Miles & Sammy offered to sign as surviving ... uh, we mean, next of kin. Buddy is sharpening his scalpel. We hope he'll wait till morning so he can get in a good night's sleep or he might fall asleep mid-operation. He's been kind of tired and sluggish ever since Jan's rolls came up missing.

As to the subject of the rolls, we received this comment from Chey yesterday: Today the Woman found that someone had vomited up something that looked like toilet paper. She is thinking about calling your human to blame that all on me. I just want to say: I did not eat all nine rolls of your toilet paper!!!! Chey, Buddy would like you to know (but can't bring himself to utter words that would lay the guilt back on his plate) you don't have anything to worry about. It was 9 baked yeast rolls, not 9 toilet paper rolls.

Our only other news is that Jan had a breakdown yesterday. A big one. She gave up, gave in, swallowed her determination to NOT install Works Suite 2005 after doing a clean install of Windows XP fairly recently. When we asked why she broke her word, she claimed she didn't install Works, only Microsoft Picture It. We tiptoed out of the room when she started mumbling, Scissors, I have to have scissors, how can I cut out anything without scissors? We decided we would be safer in the same room with a hyperactive hound handling a scalpel than in the same room with a wild woman waving virtual scissors.


  1. I would suggest those khute kids add some khat juggling to REALLY show their talents!

    Good luckhk with the brain surgery!

    PeeEssWoo: And I don't mean on Jan!

  2. Well if we had had yeast rolls I would have eaten those instead...

  3. Those children are adorable and talented!

    We'll bet Buddy will be talented with a scalpel, but we are a tad bit worried about Billy. Does the Meezer's mom know about this brain surgery thing? Maybe Jan should make a phone call or something.

  4. We are picturing Jan as JAN Scissorhands and BOL & MOL. You guys are too funny.

  5. Whoa! That really woulda been something to eat 9 rolls of TP!
    What would it take to get you to give it a try some day?

  6. Deer Jan and Buddy

    I is aware that Sammy the great and Miles the wonderful haf signed Billy the weerd up for brain surjery. I am hopeing that Buddy can find out what is wrong wif him.


  7. Deer Jan

    Hmm, we needs to improve our spelling it seems. Our the mom is a little "tied up" right now, but when we ungagged her, errrr, ran in and hollered "Buddy wants to operate on Billy's brain" she said "ok dears, whatever you want is ok with me". So that should give you her approval. Billy is 'acited about it too! um, will the surjery make him SMARTER?

  8. Wow, what talented kiddos. Our Mom's granddaughter loved watching it over and over and over. - Mom had to turn it off so we could get to our blogs:)

    Happy weekend, the OP Pack

  9. All I can say about the video is "WOW!!!"
    I enjoyed my visit to your blog!
    Where are you in GA? I'm in White County.

  10. What a killer closing line! ROFL! Funny Farm indeed. :)

  11. I never know what to think of these little innocent babies... do they have ample time to pick up kitties by their tails? color on the walls of the living room?
    make mud pies? help mom in the kitchen? sprinkle talcum powder all over the play room? use moms make ups? you know what I mean. They are adorable though

    I hope the brain surgery goes smoothly. If it does not work out, Pierro could use some tweaking.
    Love and purrr

  12. I can't wait to hear the results of the surgery!


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