Sunday, June 08, 2008

Birthdays and Friendship

Our good friend Sassy stopped by last night and discovered Crystal turned 10 on June 1, although we were late posting it. She immediately baked Crystal some cupcakes to share with any kitty, pup, hamster, rabbit or .... So help yourself. There are plenty.

Sassy, Momo, Opus & Roscoe sent this beautiful birthday card.

And Sassy sent over this bag of kitty presents. Percy wanted to dig right in and check out everything for Crystal (he's young and impetuous) but Samaritan threatened to sit on him if he did.

Sassy threw Rusty and Samaritan a big surprise party in March. Cotton's birthday is later this month. Cameron, Merci and Percy will all get a turn in July. So Crystal gets to open his own gift bag!

And Gentle Annie, Mollie & the Gypsy dropped by this morning with a card for Crystal. Thank you, KC.

Crystal: I just wanted to thank everyone for thinking of me. Jan isn't big on celebrations but she's always here for me, so I guess you could say she gives me daily "presence."

JFF: Oh, and speaking of Sassy, she posted photos yesterday of eyes for visitors to guess which kitty they belonged to. No one recognized our own Cameron's eyes in one picture. We are ashamed to admit we didn't recognize him either. And we see him daily. Cameron, we are sorry. Please forgive us.

Cameron: I would never forgive any of you, except I didn't recognize me either. I guess I just have a plain and indistinguishable face. Sigh.

Cotton: Oh, Cameron, that's not true. You are a handsome tuxie. You just don't wear your tux on your face where others can see it.

This is the same photo of Crystal we posted yesterday, but ....
notice anything different about it?

CrizCats made us a logo for our online photographs. We'll have to play around with it to find how to size it properly on photos, but isn't it neat? Thank you, Criz! We love it.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Crystal! Those are some wonderful gifts. :)

  2. Oh Crystal! Happy Birthday to a very good looking kitty!

  3. Sassy is such a sweet friend!

    And I wanted to tell Cameron that you do not have a plain face. Just look at those piercing golden eyes and LONG whiskers! It's quite a handsome face.

  4. Happy Birthday to Crystal!!!

    Luf, Us

    Pee Ess. Yes, Orinch eats here. He kinda belongs here, we guess.

  5. Happy Birthday to Crystal! Concatulations on turning 10 years old! Our furry own Sparky Fuzzypants will be ten on July 3!

    I got your message from Daisy the Curly Cat. I dont' know why you can't get my bloggie on your computer. We were having browser problems on our Mac an' couldn't see our own bloggie (but we could see efurryone else's). Computers are odd.


  6. Happy birthday to you Crystal and it looks like there's a lot of celebrations to come this summer. The party bag looks intriguing. We see some of our favs in there: feathers & treats!!!!

  7. That was a great gift from Crystal!

  8. So glad you received all of the stuff sent to your place for Crystal's birthday. I hope he had a nice birthday and I think he should celebrate all week.
    Your new logo is nice that Criz designed for all of you.
    Cannot believe that you all didn't recognize Cameron in my eyes game. Wow, poor Cameron. Oh wait, I forgot he didn't recognize himself either, ha, ha,ha.

  9. Fabulous photographs: we especially love the cupcakes. Happy Birthday, Sassy!

  10. Dennis thinks Cameron is handsome and Crystal is pretty. Happy B.Day Crystal!

  11. Cupcakes look good. Happy birthday everyone!

    love & wags,

  12. HappyBrthday Crystal. You are a very handsome ginger kitty.I'm glad Jan rescued you and I know you are glad that you chose her!!!

  13. Happy Birthday, Crystal. It looks like you got a great bag of gifts. The cupcakes look yummy. I think Cameron has a very handsome face; it's just hard to recognize a kitty from just the eyes.

  14. Happy belated birthday to Crystal! That was very sweet of Sassy - those cookies look cat-o-licious.
    Jackie, Gidget and Lola

  15. Oh happy belated birthday Crystal - it looks like it was a wonderful celebration!


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