Sunday, June 29, 2008

Photos, Photos, Aieeeee Photos

The local Humane Society and county animal shelter sponsored a special Saturday adoption day on June 21st. Jan said it was a terrific day, except for the sunburn she wore home. We wouldn't know since we weren't invited.

Buddy: She's been exhausted this week, but no wonder. She just had a birthday and turned ancient. Would you believe she's ....OUCH! She hit me. I don't care what you say, Jan. You were NOT swatting a fly. You swatted me. Do I look like a fly to anyone? Just for that, she's mmvmvvm --

Cotton: Sorry. Buddy is having a little trouble speaking at the moment. I think the rest of us will pass on giving away Jan's age.

Anyway, before Buddy got us sidetracked, we were saying Jan has been working on the photos all week. Well, not all week, just off and on when she could keep her eyes open and her brain in gear. She captioned 10 for the newspaper. Then she had to stop to take the weekly shelter photos and .....

And finally, just a short while ago she got the adopted animals and a few extra pictures posted. We'd congratulate her for finally accomplishing this but she's busy snoring at the moment.

We know you don't live in this area but if you would like to see the happy adopters and adoptees, drop by

Now, if you will excuse us, as long as Jan has fallen asleep in a chair, we're going to go take a snooze in her bed.

Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Samaritan & Rusty


  1. I think the rest of you were very smart to pass on telling Jan's age. You wouldn't want to be mistaken for a fly.

    We will purr that all the shelter animals find homes. We are so proud of Jan for helping them. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  2. You know the saying, a day late and dollar short? Well, I am a few days and a euro short! Just wanted to stop in and wish you a happy belated birthday. I hope it was filled with fun, love and laughter. Of course, with this cute crew of animals living with you, I am sure the day was filled with just that!

    Buon compleanno e tanti auguri
    (happy birthday and many wishes).

    Opus and Roscoe's Mom, Cyn

  3. Just visited the adoption site and what a wonderful day seeing the smiles on the faces of the new moms and dads. Also the happy furries waiting to start their new lives with new loving families giving unconditional love to the new families. What a great day! GOOD JOB!! Oh, don't worry about your age, I know for a fact that you are younger than the mom and dad at my place.

  4. happy belated purrfday!!!

    efurryone looked very happy on the adoption site!

  5. w00f's JFF, hehee me woodnt tell Jan's age either...awww me wants to bring all dose kittys and doggies home wiff me...

    b safe,

  6. What a wonderful event! Looks like lots of fun. (And Jan can't be THAT old, or she wouldn't be able to hold the camera that still for the great pictures!)

  7. Love to see all those beautiful happy faces - beans, doggies and cat!

    Jan turned ancient?? I don't believe and don't care -- she is doing a wonderful job helping other furriends!!

    Happy belated birthday, Jan! :-)


  8. Happy Purrthday to Jan!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!! Love and kisses A+A

  10. Couldn't leave for the safari etc without saying bye for a little while. I will miss all of you so much. Hope we can teleport and visit at least a little.
    Sas & Momo

  11. Cotton: Happy Belated Birfday!!!! We're almostee da same age! & Happy Birfday to your momee too.
    Nose kissez & paw taps,
    Dr Tweety
    (I didz get founded!)

  12. Your mom is wonderful to help out like that! We hope all the animals find wonderful Forever Homes.

  13. We knew that you posted my dear friend, Emil's, photo so we wanted to stop by. We are both so sad that he is no longer with us here. Both of us are fortunate for having him in our lives, even though it was for way too short of time.
    We will forever think of him and always miss him.
    Sassy & Momo

  14. Happy birthday Jan! I hope all the shelter animals get homes.....we sisters at my house were all shelter animals, and mom saved us.
    Pee Ess: I am not sure what I said about PooPoo......if it was really bad, maybe I should apologize to her?

  15. Happy birthday and happy everyday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

    wags from the whippets

  16. Happy Birthday and nice to meet you! I am a recently rescued shelter kitty too! And as you know, I know all about exhaustion from my vet visit. Of course, I am a cat, and there are many reasons for sleep. Many.
    Abby Normal

  17. Happy Birthday!

    My pet human won't let me tell her age either.

    Skittles, The Huntress

  18. Awesome work, Jan! You deserve the nap!

    I volunteer at the local shelter, too. I need to work on cat bios this weekend for upcoming radio spots. Exciting to see adoptions, isn't it?


    -The Investor

  19. Happy belated birthday, Jan!
    And thank you for helping us animals so much!!!!
    And thank you for your condolences regarding the loss of our sweet Emil, we appreciate your coming by!
    Karl and Mrs. OZ

  20. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Jan. Don't worry about turning ancient. I'm ancient myself and it isn't so bad. Congratulations on all the wonderful work you do. I am sure all the shelter animals appreciate it hugely when you help them find forever homes.

  21. Happy Birthday, Jan. Don't let them get to're not ancient.

  22. Happy belated birthday! Enjoyed the pictures at the adoption site and hope everyone gets a good home! Thanks so much for all your supportive comments on my blog :)

  23. That is so great of Jan to do this for tha shelter.

    Happy Belated Birthday to her!

  24. Boy! That's a lotta werk dat yur Mom does fur da shelter!

    Nappin on her bed is gud.

    Luf, Us

  25. Hooray for new forever homes for these lucky woofies and cat! We hope they all find new homes. Happy ancient Birthday. Mom was never very good at roman numerals so your secret's safe!

  26. Hooray for Jan! And happy birthday to her, too. Be nice to her, animals: remember that you must always respect your elders!

  27. Sorry we are late, but we would like to wish Jan Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!

  28. It's too bad there's not more kind souls like your Mom in the world. We thing you should share your toys with her and give some extra snooze time.
    Pee S: Was there Birthday Cake??!!


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