Saturday, June 14, 2008

Celebrate Kali

We have lost another furry friend today. We didn't know Kali as well as we did Storm but it was obvious Kali's health was declining and she would soon need help to the bridge. We just didn't think it would be today.

Kali, you have lived a long life with dignity and fiery tortitude (that's tortoiseshell catitude, in case you aren't familiar with the term). We feel the richer for having known you.

Your mom is heartbroken and needs all the comfort we - meaning the blogosphere - can give her. Your brothers and sisters Tyler, Cookie, Sophie and Jake are missing you too. Our tears haven't dried from Storm leaving, but that does not diminish our tears for losing you. You are missed and will be remembered.

Kali - June 14, 2008

Blogging sometimes seems like a little laughter and a lot of tears. We come to care about others, so every loss brings personal pain.

A number of our furry friends have passed recently and although we have left messages for their families on their blogs, we have not mentioned them on ours. So we are going to do that now - to the best of our pitiful memories, as we know there have been more but we can't remember them all at this moment. If we forgot to include yours, please let us know.

Be happy and celebrate the lives of each of these fortunate furbabies because they lived much or all of their years surrounded by such love that when it was their time, those that needed it were helped to the bridge to save them further pain and suffering. Young or old, expected or unexpected, each loss leaves an empty place in our hearts that can not be filled.

You can click on any picture to visit the blog.

Storm - June 13, 2008 (Graphic by Skeezik)

Lily - June 5, 2008

Bonnie Underfoot - May 22, 2008

Archie Ann - May 18, 2008

Miral - April 1, 2008

Lacy Lulu Hudson - March 19, 2008

We know Wildcats3 (now the cat/dog log) lost one but we can't find the information on their site. We might not remember details, but we do remember.


  1. We did not know Kali well, but it makes us very sad. Purrs, Yaffa & Sebestian

  2. w00f's JFF, so sorrwy to hear bout Kali...ur rite, its hard to hear of all this sadness, u grow to love each and every one of these precious babies and when they leave us it hurts....u know what a hole is in their families hearts, cause we have all been through it...and i thank u for including lacylulu...we miss her sooo much..

    a sad,
    bear and
    angel lacylulu and

    RIP Kali, lots of angels there to meet u...lacylulu loved kitties...

  3. Such a nice heartfelt post today. It is so hard when any of our furbabies have to go to the Bridge.

    (((((hugs))))) and purrrrrrs,
    China Cat & Willow and Momma Teri

  4. What a sweet post, in remembrance of precious friends who have gone to the Bridge.


    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  5. Purrs to all those families who have lost their four legged loved ones lately.

  6. Wonderful of you to remember all the loved ones who have gone to the Bridge. {{{hugs}}}

  7. What a nice post ~ fanks for mentioning all these pawesome kitties/woofie/bunny who went to the bridge ~ we iz sending purrs to them and their families..

  8. I am sad about Kali, too. It seems we have lost a lot of our furry friends lately.

  9. What a lovely post and sweet tribute to those who have crossed the rainbow bridge. ~Socks, MoMo, Scylla, Charybdis & Charlotte

  10. This is a nice remembrance post. It has been a very sad spring.

  11. I was so sad to hear of another going to The Rainbow Bridge. Too many have left us and left a hole in our hearts. Too sad to think about. You have a nice tribute to all that have gone.
    If you would like to cheer up a little check out my mom of the house's place. Will put a smile on your face.

  12. It has been sad lately. That is a nice tribute.

  13. Ooohh Ize glad u needed dat song today... Mawmee did too. It furry speshul cuz Grand mawmee sung it all da times! Babies dont walks alone over da bridge. Dey gets carried by Daddee God in his big hands!! Hopes more Mawmees cums by and lissens to da video...

    I not like Mawmee puttin stuffins in my ears. Mawmee wrapped me in dis big towel and I growled myself silly. Ize feelin bettur doh.

    Mawmee gonna takes me to da dr johnson sted of mergencee vet peeples... i likes him.

    tank u fur purrin.

    Bye Bye
    Bootsie Woo.

  14. I think it's wonderful that you have put their pictures and links up. It's so very very very hard to lose a friend even knowing we'll meet again at the Bridge.

    love & wags

  15. Thank you so much fow those bootiful twibootes..I didn't know all those fuwwfwiends well, but know they weewe loved and chewished and hope to meet them all someday when it's my tuwn to cwoss the's so hawd to say godbye
    smoochie kisses

  16. Oh.. I'm sorry about Kali. I dont know her well but I'm sure she'll meet some of our friends at the rainbow bridge

    ~ Girl girl

  17. That was very lovely.
    I hope that there is a lot more happiness than sadness in the days to come...

  18. Thank you so much for honoring my sister on your blog. We also hope that there are more happy days to come than sad days.

  19. What a sweet post. It is always sad when our friends leave, but they live on in our hearts and in our memories.

    Thank you for taking the time to remember....

    Opus and Roscoe

  20. That is very sad, but you cannot have laughter with saddness. It is the ones left behind my heart goes out too.
    It is still raining, so still no bath....hehe

  21. I think after the passing of Oliver last year and then even more this year with Archi Ann's passing I have realized what a wonderful blogging community we really do have. We all love each other and cheer each other on and hurt for each other. Thank you for taking time to remember all our little critters that have left. Storm was a beaut and though I didn't know Kali I know the ache her family is feeling.

    I am catching up after being gone and switching computers and saw you found Pet's Garden Blog... glad you're praying for her too now! She's a terrific Christian lady, I've chatted with her a few times on the phone, and her humor in spite of the pain and frustrations she's going through is a testimony to us all of the triumph of Joy in the face of hard circumstances. A real glory to God.

    blessings to you Jan!

    ps LOVE absolutely LOVE the new banner pic!

  22. It's so sad to hear of Kali's loss and all the others that you listed on your blog. My mommy just lost her precious Clive in January, so we know how painful it can be. Extra hugs to all those out there hurting from the loss of loved ones.


  23. Hello Jan,

    This is a very nice tribute to our friends. Thank you.

    Momo & Pinot

  24. what a sweet post. these tributes are lovely. we will miss all our friends.

  25. What an nice tribute to all these wonderful friends.

  26. That is very sad.. We are sure that you will remember the great times and your life is fuller for having had Kali in your life...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  27. w00f's JFF, me seed u had been to c kodak, benson iz one of the 4b's...and benben, duke and luckie, wood prolly b easier to find if when u come to me bloggie, go to the side bar, about middle ways iz the event tells the barkdays and events by the month...if u want one fur ur bloggie, i think u can just click on it...if u need me to find those addys, i will, just lemme know..

    b safe,

    pp's heehee u no me mama, iffin she didnt haf that event thingy she wood never no nuffin....

  28. We are furry saddened by all deze beeotyfull anymalz leavfun. Although dere spirits fly free, dere beanzez mourn dem & mustee live throough dere greef.
    You haz honored dem all sweetly.

  29. What a beautiful post, Jan, and thank you so much for also remembering our sister Miral!

    We were so sad when we heard about Stormie when we ended our honeymoon. And then the next day Kali. Like you said, we are a huge group of furriends who care for each other -- in good and bad times.

    Hugs and love,
    Karl & Ruis

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  32. Squeekers taste pretty good, just don't swallow them, okay....
    Charlotte got her own package of cookies too...she is just really really shy, but she is getting so much better...she guards her food like it was gold too. I think she has had to fight for food before she came to live with us, but she is getting better and starting to learn how to play and stuff

  33. Mentioning all these with their pictures was so kind of you! It's so hard to lose a pet.


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