Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sassy to the Rescue

Shhhhh. Cameron, don't knock the glass over or Jan will come to investigate. We've got to get this special surprise posted before she finishes washing the dishes.

When we wrote the post for Cotton's birthday - which Jan forgot at the last minute, after all Sassy's hard work to smuggle in a birthday card and gifts for Jan to hide until Cotton's big day - we wrote this:

We really need to get Jan a palm pilot. We have no idea what one is but we figure anything that has a pilot must be able to help her. Do you think we can buy one with 2 buttons, 6 pieces of kibble, a cotton swab and whatever change we can find in the couch?

Well, sweet Sassy read of our dilemma and sent Jan a surprise.

Recognize it? It's a palm pilot and Sassy has already entered the important birthdays in July so Jan won't forget them. (She will anyway, but, hey, it's the thought that counts. We're all trying to work around Jan's forgetfulness.)

A big thank you, Sassy, from all of us at JFF. We're so excited we can barely --

What's that, Jan? No, we're not into anything. We're just waiting for you so we can blog. No, you don't have to come in and check on us. We're -

Surprise! It's a palm pilot from Sassy.

Hey, Sassy, Can you believe it? Jan asked what it's for. See how badly she needs this. She forgot her own birthday.

We really need to find her a new memory. You don't know where we can find one, do you?

(s) Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Samaritan and Rusty


  1. Happy Birfday Jan!! We3Katz wish u many moor!!

  2. :whisper: We heard of RAM - something something Memory. Maybe that's just wat Jan needs (urgently).
    We are kinda worried for her...:

    Oh, good day Jan! Happy Birthday to U! Have a great day with the woofies and kitties! :D That's one cool Palm Pilot from Sassy, have fun with it! tee hee

  3. Happy Birthday Jan!!!!!

    PS: If you figure out where to get new memory for the Mom beans let us know. Our Mom needs new memory to. She is most forgetful. She almost forgot to call us in last night. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  4. Mom buys her memory cards at Wal-Mart!

  5. HAPPY B'Day Jan-- you are the bestest friend and MOM thinks the world of u
    " AND many more "
    Gentle Annie, Gyp, and Mollie-

    and KC * smiles*
    Happy B'Day kid- it just gets better from here ..

  6. Well, when you have too many around, you tend to forget their birthdays. I had mine written in bold and pasted on my wall. It helps a lot :P

  7. New memory, new memory... hmm... Nope. I don't know where to get one of those. Our mom is looking for a new mind - she says she's lost hers. While we help her look for that, we'll keep an eye out for a memory.
    Play bows and happy birthday,

  8. Happy Birthday, Jan! We Ballicai hope you have a fabyoolus day!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  9. Happy Birthday, Jan!!

    While larger memories aren't on the market, there ARE memory *cards* (perhaps the palm pilot takes one!) :D

    -Kilroy and the gang

  10. Sounds like a whopping big party is due! Happy Birthday all 'round!

    licks and slobbers

  11. Hope you had a great birthday and liked your present. If you don't know how to use it or put in the other important dates I think your gang there can help you out on that.

    We are not sure if we can find Jan a new memory, maybe we will google that and see what we come up with.

    Happy Great Birthday and many many more.
    Sas & Momo

  12. Hapy Birthday Jan.Enjoy your new palm pilot.

  13. Happy Birthday Jan! You have a very big heart to care for all the kitties and woofies at the Funny Farm. Thanks for being such a caring person, and for caring about the rest of us kitties on the CB too.

    Purrs and headbutts, Halloween

  14. Happy Birthday, Jan! Enjoy your new Palm Pilot.

  15. Happy Birthday to you, Jan!

  16. w00f's JFF, happy birfday, Jan...i shure hope they take u out fur a nice long walkie...heehee..

    b safe,

  17. My sissy Sassy is so smawt..that is a gweat idea...I hope it will make Jan be able to wemembew all those impowtant's not easy, when you have so many wondewful kids
    smoochie kisses

  18. O I's sorry I missed Cotton's purrthday! It's bin one of those weeks when Mom stays wif werk much too long an hardly has time to snuggle wif me, much less help me blog! AN Jan's purrthday too? ::spin:: I can sing to you bof now, but specially fur purty Ms Cotton!
    Hippo birdie two ewes,
    Hippo birdie two ewes,
    Hippo birdie deer Cotton,
    Hippo birdie two ewes!
    ... an many moooooooores!!!!
    PS we has a PawPC so Mom can keep track of fings, but then she puts them on the fridge calendar too so Dad an the Boy can see them. If you ask me, beans is ofur-scheduled. Hugs an purrs!

  19. Happy Birthday Jan! What a great gift!!!

  20. wait. It's Jan's bday too? Holy Cat-poo! Happy Birthday!

  21. Thanks for telling us about the best week ever post, too. I had my Investor post our "two cents."

  22. Yeah. That was her. She is a pretty good secretary, eh? ;)

  23. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY JAN! Mommy is so sorry that she missed it!!!

    Your Palm Pilot thingie is great!


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