Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flying Van Spotted

Wow! The magical flying van is really on the move. Asta sighted it over the Hudson River yesterday. And Derby got pictures of it floating down the river after it got caught in heavy rains in Wisconsin. There was no driver.

Fortunately, the van floats well and it is evidently none the worse for the time it spent in all that water. Because we spotted it just a little bit ago flying over the Flint River here in Georgia.

The really interesting thing is that when we spotted it, all the front windows were blacked out so we couldn't see the driver or even if there was a passenger in the front seat. We wonder if whoever stole it has heard the blogosphere is looking for the van and that we all have our cameras in paw to catch a photo.

We really hope the thief/joyrider is apprehended soon and the van returned to Opus & Roscoe. If you see this van, please let Opus & Roscoe know. They are planning a safari with Sassy and Momo kitty before long and they need their traveling van.

Irish Coda's This That & the Other Thing has an informative post today on Facebook. If you are a member or considering membership, you might want to read this. There's a link to an article in the Washington Post on Facebook and MySpace widgets, etc.


  1. wooooooooohoooooooo ! van sighted-
    " we gotta track it and then get them thar Thieven suckers "
    keep the cams clicken

  2. That van really is magic! I'll bet that there are some animals inside having fun. Don't worry, though, they'll probably return it when they're done! Have a great weekend!

    licks & slobbers

  3. ise just wanted to come and say goodbye to you...thank you for being a good friend, sending me words of encouragement, purrs and love...i hope you live a long and happy and healthy life...
    your Stormie, The Furry Fighter

  4. Maybe it got in the river here the right way so it could take off. Get away from the trees and all. I wonder where it is now?

  5. I yam lookin' & lookin' fur it!!! In factee, I haz all da cats herder upppee & we iz gonna goez out in da gardun tonights & see if we can seez it. We cannot haz a good trip witout it!

  6. That's so great that the van has been spotted!

  7. Sweet Stormie, may you have peace at the bridge with my Mistydawn,
    and have rainbows to catch forever.
    you will see your humans again
    and never be apart again...

  8. Woh.. I wonder if the van will fly to SingaPaw where I am. I'll let you know if I see it

    ~ Girl girl

  9. That magic van is really getting around. I'm glad you spotted it. I am really sad about Storm, but she fought really well and I am so thankful that she is not in pain.

  10. Thank you for the sighting! We are gonna write a post about all of the sightings AND we are making a link list with everyone who has seen it. Will be sure to add you guys!

    Strange cause the van was seen flying over three different rivers. Maybe it was stolen by fishies! Hehehehehe!

    Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled. We sure do hope to get it back soon.


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