Friday, June 13, 2008

Furry Fighter Friday

The Cat Blogosphere has designated today, Friday, June 13th, as Furry Fighter Friday.

We know Storm's humans want today to be a day of celebrating Storm's life, but it is always hard to say good-bye to friends. And Storm has been an inspiration to us. So with tears in our eyes, we bid farewell to our beloved Furry Fighter. We know she is being helped peacefully to the Bridge today (2 p.m. in Britain or 9 a.m. our time - EST), surrounded by the love of her brother Castle, her humans and Ben Vet.

Our friend GentleAnnie made this graphic for Storm.

Storm, You have fought well, showed courage above and beyond, lived longer than expected, and shared your ongoing story in order to encourage other kitties with lymphoma. But this second battle has taken its toll on your body and depleted your strength. We understand it's time for you to rest.

Go in peace and love, sweet Storm. We will miss you!
This graphic is by Zoolatry.

And we will all celebrate your life today with leaky eyes.

If you haven't read it, we recommend you stop by and read Storm's post, "I Won." It is a beautiful tribute to Storm, the Furry Fighter.

Or you can click on either picture to go directly to her blog.


  1. What a beautiful Stormie tribute.

    I'm still missing my sister Lilly but know she and Stormie are having a blast together.



  2. w00f's JFF, me sooo sorrwy to hear about u friend Storm...always sad when a precious friend loses the fight...RIP sweet Storm, run free at the will go visit storms post now...

    b safe

  3. I will miss Stormie so much. I thought her "I Won" post was really touching.

  4. We have had Storm and Laura in our thoughts a great deal this week.

  5. That was a beautiful tribute you guys. Our hearts are aching, and we will miss our friend. But we are comforted knowing that she is no longer suffering.

    Purrs and {{{Hugs}}}
    Pearl, Bert and Jake

    P.S. we love your new header!

  6. Stormie's battle was twuly hewoic..and I admiwe hew and hew hoomans vewy much..I hope she can be happy and pain fwee and full of kittenish enewgy again ovew the bwidge..Maybe someday we'll meet and I can tell hew in pawson
    smoochie kisses

  7. That is such a lovely tribute to Sweet Stormie!

    There are a lot of eyes leaking in the Blogosphere today! Willow and I are so sad that Storm had to go to the Bridge but we are so glad that she isn't in pain anymore.

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  8. So many tears falling today. Farewell, swett Storm.

  9. Even though I'm just a widdle puppy, I know hurting is not easy. She must have been an amazing kitty to go though so much!

    My hurts are getting better, I'm still snuffling and sneezing a lot though. I didn't do it before the crash. I guess it could be all allergies but mommy thinks maybe I hurt my nose too and it's making it worse.

  10. Bye Bye Stormy, I hate to see you go. Those graphics that they made for you are wonderful and we will cherish them forever.....

    Do you think Stormy can see this. I sure hope so.


  11. What a sweet, sweet tribute to a beautiful friend!
    Tail wags,
    Stormy (the Siberian)

  12. Sweet photos and a wonderful tribute to a great fighter. Storm gave it all she had during her illness and now peace forever will be there for her. My heart is so heavy as it is always hard to loose a furry. Praying that Storm's family will soon get over the sadness and remember all of the good times shared with Storm.

  13. That graphic by GentleAnnie brought tears to our eyes again. Lovely post for Storm.


  14. thats a lovely tribute yoo all did.

  15. We know I'm not khwite khat friendly but in Storm's khase, I make an exception -

    Especially since my mom's bestest most special friend's dad passed away last month from lymphoma -

    Her people gave her the best gift they khould: letting her go despite knowing how it would hurt them -

    Thanks fur sharing her story -
    AND fur visiting my blog per Princess Eva's direkhtion!


  16. Yes we hads lots of leaky eyes and mommy beans nose ran lots too! In all our hearts its good to know she wonts hurt but selfishly, we all wished she was heres still.

  17. A beautiful tribute to a very brave and beautiful Cat Angel! We are sure she had a great welcome at the Bridge.

    (((((( HUGS )))))
    Karl & Ruis

  18. What a beeyootiful tribute to Stormie. We Ballicai love her and will miss her so much. Our hearts go out to Castle and her Meowmies.


    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!


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