Monday, June 09, 2008

DogPause and Award

We did a recent post on DogPause bowls and we want to do an update.

Buddy has always inhaled his food without chewing and then shoved another dog out of his way to steal food. Mealtimes have not been fun these past 3 years. But these bowls have made such a difference! Buddy still manages to eat at a more rapid pace than the others, and he still hasn't gotten the hang of chewing his food, but he has calmed down noticeably within the short time we've been using these bowls.

This morning, Buddy finished his meal, watched Samaritan eat, licked Merci's bowl clean, wandered over to drink some water and left the room. That's a first.

One of the possible side effects of eating too rapidly is bloat. At best, gas - and the first year of Buddy's life, Buddy's gas could clear a room very quickly! Jan is happy to finally find a way to slow Buddy down at mealtime. (She has not been paid to endorse these bowls.)


Thank you CrizCats for sharing this award. We would like to pass it on to the multi-talented and fun Sassy, the magical van driving Italians Opus and Roscoe, the humorous Dr. Tweety & da Fab Five, and sweet Poppy Q.


  1. How wonderful that someone found a way to help fast eaters :) THat sounds good for Buddy ,heehee and you ;)
    Congrats on your award too !!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  2. I am glad that the meal time is going better at your place. I left a message the other day to slow down and talked about how it isn't good to eat so fast. I think that they listened to me.
    Thank you all so much for the award. I shall treasure it and display it proudly on my blog.
    I also want to say congratulations on receiving this award from Criz. You are all so deserving of all awards that come your way.

  3. Maybe I should use mine Mummy's pwastic card thingey and get a bowl for That Thing too! He gobbles up his food and starts on mine! And I'm too gentleMANcatwy to stop him. Now, that's weawwy impowite of him isn't it? Those bowls sound a wonderful idea!

  4. Congratulations on the award. JFF is a bright light of hope for all animals.

    ~Socks & MoMo, Scylla, Charybdis & Charlotte

  5. Hi Jan,

    How exactly do the bowls work to slow down Buddy's eating? Could you give a little more information on these for those of us unfamilar with the bowls? They sound fairly interesting!

  6. I love this blog -- you have so much here I need to catch up on! Glad you found us!

    Will definitely need to update my blogroll soon -- so many new animal blogs to read!

  7. Wow - those sound like great bowls! I wonder if they make something similar for cats?

    Congratulations on your award - it is very well deserved!

  8. Congratyounashunz on da award! & We iz mostee honored to share dis wit da other distinswished cats dats you menshunned.
    Dr TWeety & da Fab Five

  9. Hi I'm visiting you through saturday night pet blog. I love the site. I need two of these bowls that slow down eating for dogs. Cassie and my new dog Freddy need to watch out for bloat. In Brazil they don't sell these bowls. Both of my rescue labs eat like starving pigs.


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