Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Chicken Bribe

Buddy:  Seriously, Jan, you went out for Mexican and this is what we get to eat?  No doggy bag?

Merci:  Not even a shred of chicken from the chimichanga?

Jan:  How do you know I had a chicken chimichanga at a Mexican restaurant?

Buddy:  Oh, come on!  You downloaded the evidence from your camera when you came home.  You're wearing the restaurant's birthday sombrero in the photos with your friends. (Not sure they'd want their pictures posted.)

Merci:  And a chimichanga is your favorite Mexican meal.  I hope you had better manners than you had last time and didn't eat another meal by mistake.  (Quite An Impression)

Jan:  Okay, if you have to know, the meal was delicious, the company was superb and there wasn't a bite of chicken left to bring you.

Merci:  There never is.

Buddy:  I bet our friend Loulou's mama would share her chicken.

Jan:  Speaking of Loulou, it was such fun yesterday to find Loulou wrote a post titled Happy Jan Day.  And with a birthday cake!

Buddy:  Did you notice there were no candles?  She must have been afraid she'd burn down the blog if she added candles.

Merci:  Yes, 314 candles on a cake would be a bit much.  But Loulou is so level-headed, she would probably just use one candle for each century.

Jan:  I'm standing right here.  I can hear what you're saying.  Do you have to keep telling everybody I'm 314 years old?

Merci:  Are you going to bring us some chicken next time you eat Mexican?

Jan:  How about if I cook you some chicken today?

Buddy:  Then we'll tell everyone the truth.  You're only .... mmmmff mmmmff.

Thank you, Loulou, for the surprise post yesterday.  And thanks to all who left a FB or JFF birthday comment.   


  1. Hari OM
    Well I must say, the sombrero looks very good on Jan; but you two ought to be a tad more loyal and not be demanding so much chicken to keep secrets!!!... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. We never get leftovers!

    Hope you had fun on you birthday.

  3. Buddy and Merci, you did a good job in getting some chicken!

  4. I hope you had a purr-fect birthday, Miss Jan. Don't listen to those silly doggies - you don't look a day over the 31 in 314. Mew Mew! -Valentine (& Mom)

  5. There was plenty of room in that big hat for a take-out bag for you!

  6. Ooo we are so glad you enjoyed your special meal!!!

  7. A chicken bribe? Sounds like my kind of thing ;) ~Bear Cat
    Happy Birthday to Jan!!!

  8. we R knot reedin thiz post....itz got nothin ta due with helpin jan sell a brate 314 witha chimichanga with her friendz N wearin a soooper grate hat itz bee coz oh de TITLE ~~~~~~~~~~

    later guys ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. Oh, Tabbies, we're so sorry. We should have warned you to cover your eyes before visiting us today. We know you don't like bird, but a fish-stuffed chimichanga just wouldn't taste the same.

  9. I would have eaten the whole chimichanga, too ;-)

  10. Oh, Jan, you are so welcome. If only it had been a REAL cake delivered to the Mexican restaurant. Then there might have been some chicken to take home to you know whos.
    Marcus, put that chicken carcass down RIGHT NOW!!! Chicken bones are NOT for doggies.

  11. Looks like Jan had a fun birthday.:)

  12. That sounds a very yummy party! Too bad you didn't get a doggie/kitty bag!

  13. We don't get left over Mexican food either!

  14. Mexican food is always my favorite choice when we go out to eat. I am glad that your birthday was fun. You deserve it. ♥

  15. You had a great time at your fave eating spot it seems! What a fun hat...no wait its a sombrero!
    BOL/MOL at those Funny Farmers taking a bribe:)

    Maybe some day there might be a doggy/kitty bag???

  16. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay i simpathize with yoo wen my mama and dada go owt to eet if they bring sumthing home in a doggy bag do i ever git to eet it??? no i do not!!! its like they dont no wot a doggy bag is for or sumthing!!! so stindjee!!! ok bye


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