Monday, June 19, 2017

Boxing on Box Day

Percy: Hooray, it's Boxing Day! I get to box Micah's ears.

Buddy: No, it's not Boxing Day. It's International Box Day.

Percy:  I can still box Micah's ears, can't I?

Buddy:  No, but you can admire him as he sits in a box today.

Percy:  Booooring!  I want to box.

Buddy:  Why do you look sad, Micah?  Percy won't bother you today.

Micah:  Percy isn't bothering me.  It's that we were planning to do a big box post today but I guess now I'm the whole post. 

Buddy:  It's Jan's fault.  She hogged the computer yesterday and we didn't get the computer until bedtime so we had to hurry, but it was more that stupid Winton (Windows 10) Creator update that trashed the post.

Percy:  Yes, Jan got quite the shock when she tried to print an Amazon order and discovered the printer had been deleted again. 

Buddy:  Hours and hours of boredom as we waited our turn.

Micah:  Jan wasn't bored, though.  I'm sure I saw steam coming out of her ears. 

Percy:  That must be why her glasses steamed up.  I thought it was just from the heat.

Micah:  Well, Winton did something more than uninstall the printer when it upgraded this time.  It's been reinstalled numerous times but it doesn't work. 

Buddy:  Percy, if you really want to box someone's ears, forget about Micah.  Please, box the daylights out of Microsoft!

Percy:  Okay, has anyone seen my virtual boxing gloves?

Micah:  Where would you find virtual boxing gloves?

Percy:  Microsoft is trying to take over the world, so they have an app for just about everything.

Buddy:  You mean they have a virtual boxing app?

Percy:  Not yet, but they will after they read this post and realize they're going to have to protect themselves from Percy, the Funny Farmer with the mean right cross.

Micah:  I believe you, Percy, but you've lost a little weight, and it will be hard for anyone to take you seriously if your trunks fall off.


  1. If Microsoft had ears, I think Jan would box them! I hope you kitties have a boxy International Box Day!

  2. Hari OM
    I can't laugh today; I can only empathise and sympathise with Jan... I knew there was a good reason I stuck with Win 7... AND turned off auto-update. Tsk... still and all, you managed to honour Box Day well enough, so you can rest well! Hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Jan can box them for us too! Happy Box Day! I can't believe I am boxless at the moment!

  4. MOL! The lady understands Jan's frustration. Percy, we think you should box Microsoft but just make sure your trunks stay on!

  5. Steam coming out of her ears, and HBO words coming out of her mouth too, I'll bet!

  6. Nothing more frustrating than computer glitches!

  7. You found yourself a nice box
    Lily & Edward

  8. Micah you are too funny. But now Percy will retort that he us NOT an elephant and therefore has no trunk(s) HAHA

  9. Oh, my we better check our printer and see if it is still there and working after the update. Sorry about yours being gone and we well understand the frustration. We hope sweet Jan can figure it out and get the printer back in Windows soon. That is a cute box pic. Hugs and nose kisses all around from all of us.

  10. Happy Boxing Day! sorry, not the kid of boxing you wanted to do.Computer issues are so frustrating.

  11. M thinks it should be Boxing Day every day..... and he thinks that box looks like a prize one.
    Happy Boxing Day to all!

  12. guyz......if we get started on ten... we willna finish til 10 yeerz haz gone.....troo lee.....ask all de co werkerz heer bout it..... sum times havin a low lee smart fone thatz considered a dino; iz de best thing ta haz......peer ree ud ~~ ☺☺☺

  13. Darn old Winten! We're glad you made it here with your box Percy!

    Happy Boxing Day efurrybody!!

  14. At least you got to post. Our Mom did not even try to find us a box!

  15. We call our laptop a confuser...cause all this tech stuff confuses us,
    and petcretary as well.
    Angel Minko was a lover of boxes, Pipo is a bit indifferent. If the virtual gloves fit, we can help box the M-W10's ears...

    Angel Minko & Pipo


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