Thursday, June 01, 2017

Thankful Thursday Thursday

Cyndi:  Okay, Marcus, what was so important you switched my Thursday post to Thankful Thursday Wednesday?

Marcus:  I wanted to tell everyone about my new blue ball.

Buddy:  You already told us about that.  It's old news.

Cyndi:  You've had it over a week. 

Marcus:  But this is about my new new blue ball.

Buddy:  There is no new blue ball, only a used blue ball.

Marcus:  Here, let me show you.  These are my new blue ball and my new new blue ball.  

Buddy:  I don't believe it, Cyndi.  The old new blue ball has a twin!

Marcus:   ♫ My new new blue ball.  My new new blue ball.
                    I luv, luv, lu-u-uv my new new blue ball.

               ♫  I bite it and chew it and nudge it with my nose.
                    I hold it, then shove it, and follow where it goes.
                    I roll it and bounce it.  It travels everywhere -

Cyndi:  Stop singing! Where did you get a new new blue ball?

Marcus:  Amazon sent it.

Buddy:  Amazon just sent you a new new blue ball?  For no reason?

Marcus:  Of course there was a reason.  Astro and his mom read my My New Blue Ball post and thought I am deserving of a new, new, blue ball to play with outside.  So they ordered me one.  And then Jan insisted I take my old new ball outside and keep the new new ball - the one without the slobber - inside.

Cyndi:  It took less than two seconds to cover the ball  in slobber and dirt.  That is one reason Jan won't let you bring your outside toys inside.  Another is that piece of shredded football next to the new ball.

Marcus:  But I like the taste of dirt!  And it's fun to shred my toys.

Buddy:  You won't be shredding this ball any time soon.  Hopefully.

Marcus:  I love you new new blue ball.  I'm sorry Jan won't let me take you back inside so you won't be lonely, but she says you're already on the grocery list.

Buddy:  Gross list.  It's already on the gross list.

Cyndi:  Marcus, you're talking to an inanimate object.  You don't expect it to answer, do you?  

Buddy:  He probably does.  After all, he thinks he communicates with geese.

Marcus:  They're making fun of us, but don't worry, we're going to be the best of friends.  I'll come out to visit and exercise you as often as I can. 

Thank you Astro and mom.  I'm so grateful!

Finding safe toys for me is hard.  In case you, too, need an almost indestructible toy, here is a link to where my two were purchased.  (Purchased - this is NOT a product review!)

Yesterday a comment was left on My New Blue Ball post: This is Paul from Rocco & Roxie, the maker of the ball! If this ball is chewed/chomped on, it will last a long, long time. However, if it gets picked at by small bites, it can be torn into small pieces fairly easily. In the last pic above, it looks like Marcus is picking at it!   

Buddy: You must have lost your toothy touch, Marcus.  Both balls are still in one piece. 

 We're joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop at Brian's Home.


  1. We are so glad you love your new new blue ball.

    XO Astro

  2. We hope you have a long and happy future will your new ball!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. It looks like you can have a ball any old time now Marcus! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. That was sweet of Astro! Now you have an indoor and an outdoor blue ball! :D

    the critters in the cottage xo

  5. Wow, that is an extra special new new blue ball. Maybe you could start a collection, in different colours and one for each room? I do that with mice, much to peeps chagrin.
    Purrs, ERin

  6. marcus...what a total lee awesum gift !!! 984 paws up two astro & mom !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  7. That is a mighty fine ball!

  8. What fine friends to send you an outside ball. We love your new and your new, new blue ball!

  9. Marcus, I am a sucker for those ball eyes. I'm so glad you have TWO, one for indoors and one for out.
    And I love your song....silly is good taste!

  10. Wow Marcus, you've got balls :) SOrry, I couldn't resist- they are nice.

  11. WOW, that new blue ball surely is pretty and new. i bet it could be washed up and still brought into the house. You are one lucky doggie.,

  12. I sing to my squeaky toys too! What fun!

  13. Now that "new blue ball" is definitely something to be thankful for, even if it is already on the "grocery list" (ha ha!).

  14. Happy Blue Ball, Happy Marcus Dog! (Happy Jan, inside toys vs outside toys ... dirt and slobber be gone ...) Isn't Astro a sweet boy to do this for you? He and his fambly are good peeps! Have fun, Marcus!

  15. A happy blue ball song! How wonderful, Marcus!

  16. There's definetely music in the...ball, Marcus :D Such a great gift to be thankful for :) Pawkisses for a Great Day :) <3

  17. You are loved by many, Marcus! How cool to be gifted with another ball.


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