Monday, June 05, 2017

Percy Runs With Idea

Percy:  All right, you guys, listen up!  You've all had turns posting lately.  It's my turn today!

Merci:  What are you going to post about?

Percy:  Whatever I want!  Uh ... do you have any ideas?

Merci:  Mmmm, let me think a moment.  I know!  We can post on why Jan abandoned us last Thursday.

Percy:  Oh, right.  But remind me again, why did she abandon us?

Merci:  It was one of those rare times Jan was invited anywhere besides Walmart, church, Walmart, Toastmasters, Walmart ... and did I mention Walmart?  She often longs to get out of town for different scenery.

Percy:  That's right.  She has said that a few thousand times or more.

Merci:  Well, her friend Teresa took her to lunch at Brian's Buffet in Griffin.

Percy:  So she abandoned us to stuff her face?

Merci:  Yep!  And as Jan has said a number of times, you never know who you will meet when you get out of the house.

Percy:  Who are these people in the photo?

Merci: Elsie (left) and Darlene (background) work for Brian's Buffet.  And Teresa is on the right.  As soon as she saw the camera, Teresa started scooting out of photo range, but Jan has a fast trigger finger.

Percy:  These ladies look familiar.

Merci:  Elsie and Darlene were in the other picture.  They were so sweet and helpful and even told Jan they wouldn't mind if we post their pictures on our blog.

Percy:  If they like to be helpful, they could come to our town and serve us furries our meals.  I'm sure they wouldn't just slap the dishes down in front of us.  Unlike Jan, they'd sprinkle in a little catnip or something tasty, I'm sure.

Merci:  Elsie has written two books for children, Thank God for My Stepfather and Are You Man? According to her bio on Amazon - "Elsie was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti ...  was inspired to write this fable by her great-grandmother, who couldn't read or write but shared her stories in the hopes that one day they would be passed on. Elsie speaks and writes English, French, and Creole..."

Percy:  She sounds very talented. Has Jan read her books?

Merci:  No, she just learned of them the other day and we don't have any children in this house to read them to.

Percy:  Doesn't Marcus qualify as a bratty kid Jan could read to?

Merci:  Can you picture Marcus sitting still long enough for Jan to read him a story?  He couldn't even stop talking that long.

Percy:  Thanks for the idea, Merci.  My post is finished.  All I needed was an idea and I ran with it.

Merci:  I think you ran with more than an idea.  I think you conned me into writing a post for you.

(Hey, Elsie & Darlene, if/when you see this, there is a contact form in our left sidebar.  Send us a message with an email address and we'll send you a copy of the pictures.)


  1. It sounds like Jan had a nice outing!

  2. Hari OM
    Percy, I think you 'interviewed' Merci once you new she had news - and that counts it as YOUR post then!!! (and a very interesting one too; how lovely for Jan to meet new and fabulous peeps.) Hugs whiskeries wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. What fun to meet new and interesting people!

  4. Percy, what a delightful post today!

  5. Jan sure had a good time. Hey, I didn't know I had a buffet!

  6. What lovely ladies! Wish I had been at lunch with you, including, of course, Percy, Marci, Marcus, Cyndi, Rusty, Micah, Taylor...oh, and Jan, of course. You are a cagey kitty, Percy.

  7. That is so cool, it is fun to meet new people.

  8. I bet those are some good stories Elsie wrote! We love stories! Hope your Mom brought you some samples from that restaurant.

  9. What a nice moment ! It looks like Jan had great time meeting them ! Purrs

  10. By any chance, did you at least get a 'doggy bag'?

  11. Sounds like Jan might be a regular at this buffet? Now the question is if she regularly brings you all back anything??

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. Those people look awfully nice. And bet they smell good like food
    Lily & Edward

  13. Percy, the lady got a chuckle out of Jan's normal outings. They sound very similar to the lady's outings (well, except for Toastmasters). It sounds like a fun lunch! That's so neat that Elsie has two children's books.

  14. Sounds like a pawsome time.

    Sherman & Gemini

  15. Hi Percy & Merci. You did great on your post! Wow, Miss Elsie speaks 3 languages and has authored a book!?! That's so impurr-essive! I think Mom only speaks one language (though she claims to have taken French in school). Did your momma bring you home any tasty morsels from the restaurant? -Valentine (& Mom)


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