Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Invisible Trampoline

Buddy:  Some of you might remember back in December of 2016 we were accosted by two dogs, both the size and breed of Marcus, on our walk.

Micah:  I remember.  The dogs weren't trying to fight but they wouldn't back off.  You and Merci were trying to hide behind Jan and Marcus was being protective and trying to run them off, so it could have had a disastrous ending.

Buddy:  Yes, unleashed and leashed dogs do not mix!

Micah:  Come to think of it, we posted a couple of pictures of the one dog a while back.  (Capital Hockeysticks)  Jan kept trying to catch some photos of him in action but all she could catch were a couple of lousy shots.

Buddy:  Until now.  Jan finally caught some action photos in April.  And last week she heard the owner call the dog "Nautilus".  This is how Nautilus greets us when he hears or sees us coming - unless he's inside the house at the time.

Micah:  Frankie Furter once suggested in a comment we should call the dog "Toaster" since he keeps popping up.  I can see why. 

Buddy:  In this picture between leaps, the bottom of his legs are missing.  That's because he's standing on a hill.

Micah:  That would make his invisible trampoline act more impressive!

Buddy: It certainly does.  We've gotten used to seeing him popping up and down with his tail going twenty miles an hour.  (Jan used the camera's zoom to catch these photos.)  Marcus doesn't even bark at him any more.

Micah:  He looks more like a clown than an aggressive dog.

Buddy:  That's what Jan says.  She'd love to meet him sometime when we aren't with her.

Micah:  Marcus leaps when he's excited, too. We should put the two on a real trampoline and call them the Popup Pitties.  We could make a lot of money.

Buddy: Hey, that's not a bad idea.  If Mudd can do it, the Popup Pitties should be a hit!

If the video doesn't play, click here.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh what a fun thing for a doggy!!! Nautilus does look like a pupper who just wants to play... I do hope Jan gets the chance to meet him properly one day. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Nautilus sure does look he's having a grand ol' time! And while we think that Nautilus is a mighty fine name, we also think the suggested Toaster is quite suitable for him as well. Oh, and when will the first episode of Popup Pitties be airing? We wouldn't want to miss it!

  3. Yikes, that doggy has some serious energy! Makes me tired just looking at the pics...

  4. I always worry about pups chained up like that ... and that he's so springy (happiness at potential interaction with others) makes me think his owners might ignore him. We have a pittie above us that is very similar - they leave him on the deck a lot and you can hear him whining for hours when they close him in the bedrooom(and we live in small condos). I hope I'm wrong about Nautilus :)

  5. If I tried to jump like that, while on a tethered collar, I'd probably break my neck. If his " tail (is)going twenty miles an hour", it doesn't sound like he's trying to be aggressive, so I think Momma Kat has a good thought about how lonely he might be.

  6. That is the funniest doggy I have EVER seen, turning over like that like a giant sausage roll and having such FUN on the trampoline. WONDERFUL. And I think your neighborhood doggy wants to make friends with Marcus. They have something in common in their looks....

  7. I feel bad for the dog being on a chain, I bet that is why he is so mean.

  8. Looks like he is jumping at the chance to greet you!

  9. We think Nautilus is lonely; he seems kind of happy about you all passing by. By the way, that video made us MOL!

  10. I Dido, meowmeowmans! I think Nautilus is also bored. I wonder if he ever gets walks in the neighborhood or outside playtime with his humans. You probably make his day when he sees you. Mud is silly on that bouncy thing! Can I send my minion over to join Mud?! I would love to see a video of two doggies on a bouncy together! Tee hee hee! -Valentine (& Mom)

  11. Boingy-boingy-boingy!!
    That pup sure has a spring in his step!! BOL!

    Poor thing is likely needing some off chain pup/peep time:(


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