Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Thankful Thursday Wednesday

Cyndi:  Hey, what are you doing?

Marcus:  I'm moving your Thankful Thursday post to Wednesday.  We didn't have anything planned for today anyway.

Cyndi: That doesn't matter.  You can't just change posts around without asking permission.

Marcus:  Please?  It's very important to me.  I have a special post for tomorrow.  *tilts head, bats eyes, bares teeth*

Cyndi:  That is the scariest pleading face I've ever seen.  But, okay.

Marcus: Thanks.  I owe you one.

Cyndi:  I thought we could share the story of why we didn't publish a Mousebreath interview last Friday.

Merci:  That's because the week was so hectic, we didn't get to use the computer to set it up.

Cyndi:  Yes, but Jan was going to let us post it first thing Friday morning.  She thought we would have time because the phone man wasn't expected until the afternoon.

Merci:  Actually, he wasn't expected until September 13th, but we were re-scheduled at the last minute.  Jan got up early and ran around like she'd lost something.

Cyndi:  And then there was a terrifying knock on the door.

Merci:  Terrifying?

Cyndi:  Yes.  It was only 8 a.m., Jan wasn't dressed and it was the telephone guy.   She threw on a robe and peeked out.  "Can you give me a couple of minutes to get dressed?  "I need a couple of hours outside," he replied.

Merci:  Whew!  Even Jan can manage to dress in two hours!

Cyndi:  By the time he finished outside, we'd all been fed, the dog pen was poop free, and the litter boxes had been scooped.  Then he came inside and gave Jan an even worse shock.

Merci:  We have rarely had a phone man in here but every time we did, he would look at Jan's phone/DSL setup and roll his eyes. This man didn't.  He looked at our lone, line congested jack and then at our computer and said, "You can't use those cords with the upgrade.

Cyndi:  "Those cords" were 50' long and draped over living room doors and around corners from one side of the room to the other and then finally to the computer.  The jack and modem are not supposed to be more than 12' apart.  We almost complied if one measured a straight line but the cords obviously missed the mark by some distance.

Merci:  There is one jack and only one place to put the computer and plug it in.  They just don't happen to be anywhere near each other. The guy picked up his stuff and started out the door.    "What am I going to do?" Jan asked.

Cyndi:  "I'm going to install a new jack," he announced.

Merci:  Jan's eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped.  Ten years or whatever ago a new one was $70.  She was ready to panic.  The DSL upgrade was supposed to be free.  "Do I have to pay for it?  "No."

Cyndi:  Before long we had traded "those cords" for a brand new dedicated DSL jack, high speed modem and DSL line. 

Merci:  As he was leaving, he dashed all hope of posting a late interview. "I hope you don't need to use the internet for a while.  The new modem has to update its software and it will take at least a couple of hours."

Cyndi:  So we all took a long nap.

Merci:  Oops.  Too long a nap evidently.  We forgot to set this to auto post in the wee hours. 


  1. OH that is such good news Cyndi! We are so happy for you. What a great surprise, in more ways than one!

  2. Did E.T. finally get to phone home?

  3. Those are some long cords baby
    Lily & Edward

  4. Well, congratulations! And Merci, that is a classic look you managed to put on your muzzle. WONDERFUL.

  5. That was so nice for him to help you out like that. ☺

  6. We're sorry about the missed post, but that is pawsome about your new high speed internet AND new jack! :)

  7. LOL! Last week on Friday, the AT&T guy showed up to bury our new cable.... he wasn't supposed to show until this week Friday! Obviously, something very strange was going on last week.

  8. I am glad Jan didn't have to pay :)

  9. Whew...poor Jan AND poor you all...what a hectic day!! We are glad it had a happy ending!

  10. That was pretty awesome that you got things upgraded! I bet all those cords were a big mess.

  11. Yipes! We always pray for no computer problems. Hopefully everything is running smoothly by now.

  12. Wow, new jack and cords! The Hubby gets all excited about stuff like that. As long as I have my internet and phone, I'm cool.

  13. Now there won't be cords to trip over of if you are like chew on!

    What a disguised blessing!


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